Pokémon Go’s New Buddy Adventure Feature Rolled Out: All You Need to Know

Most of us grew up watching a lot of Pokémon cartoons and they shaped up a better part of our childhood. Back then if anyone would’ve told me that someday this simple cartoon would become the physically interactive game that it has today, I wouldn’t have believed it (well let’s be honest I was a kid I would’ve believed it of course).

New Buddy Adventure

But the amount of progress that the franchise has put into its legacy is undoubtedly admirable and there is just so much that has been introduced off of the original cartoons. From games to even a standalone movie, the Pokémon franchise has done a good job of standing on its own.

A number of players were excited over the Pokémon Go game back when it made its great debut in early July 2016. A lot of fans were clouding online app stores to grab hold of the game and have their own personalized copies. But their excitement couldn’t be matched to how they were when the new buddy adventure feature rolled out late last year.

The Levels Of New Buddy Adventure

Niantic announced that the rollout would be available for trainers above level 2. The new feature lets the player experience their Pokémon characters in a more life-like manner.

In short words, this mode allows the player’s character to be his/her virtual Artificial Intelligence-based buddy. The character can walk around and explore the map, express feelings and be more interactive.

Each Pokémon character has its own unique way of expressing itself that players are bound to find entertaining to learn. Players will be able to level up by earning affection from their character which is denoted by hearts.

The Pokémon Go app went out of its way to make sure that all of its users are given a more personalized experience. This app is just a good show of how well AI can be used to blend with the physical environment.

It takes a lot of guts above fear to take something that has been such an old franchise and merge it with modern technology to bring something new off of an old concept such as the Pokémon franchise.

The developers have not been sloppy and are obviously well aware of what the franchise means to the public hence their frequent and even their most recent update.

Wrapping Up

Though this is just a game, there is so much more. This program helps establish and a direct bridge between the artificial world of technology and the physical world. With such technology being out there, there is no telling if what is to be expected of the near future.

All we can say that the future of Artificial Intelligence has never been more descriptive and definite as it is now. Hence, we hopefully wish to see a future generation that doesn’t depend so much on video calls but rather virtual representations of callers and a more personalized form of communication.

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