Pokémon GO working on cross-platform AR-multiplayer Buddy Adventure

We are looking forward to experiencing true multiplayer AR.

Niantic recently unveiled their new multiplayer feature, called Buddy Adventure. This is geared to make an entry to Pokémon GO sometime soon. The feature will give the users a shared augmented reality experience. Players can now interact with their friend’s Pokémon through the AR camera. The friends would also be able to look in at what is happening in real-time as you pet and play with their Pokémon. Cross-platform support is expected to arrive as well. If this happens, both iOS and Android users would be able to make full use of the Buddy Adventure mode.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

Buddy Adventure

The gaming industry has always been highly competitive. This is true, especially since new updates are always expected. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Niantic has been working on a multiplayer AR experience. Pokémon GO is the perfect game to choose to use this latest tech. Pokémon GO is not the first game for Buddy Adventure mode to be tested. Before this, Niantic tested several test cases such as Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge to explore AR and its possibilities in gaming. According to the company, the results of these tests are what led to the development now impending release of the Buddy Adventure feature. While there has been no word on the release of this feature by Niantic, sources mention that we should likely see it in the next few months.

In the press conference where Niantic talked about Pokémon GO and the upcoming multiplayer AR experience. Niantic also talked about its Niantic Wayfarer program. This tool is for high-level players. Using this, they would be able to submit new photos, titles, locations, and further information about the same in the company’s AR games. The company has also mentioned that they are currently working the lack of occlusion. This refers to the movement of the AR subjects to move behind real-world objects. This gives the players a more realistic and immersive experience. Besides all this, the company has also been working on occlusion technology. We come to know of this with the announcement that this tech will now feature on the Niantic Real World Platform in the future.

Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure
Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure

Multiplayer Modes

Niantic is working quite dedicatedly to add new multiplayer modes to Pokémon GO. A few months back, we came to know that the mode GO Battle League is an upcoming feature that will pair users with their opponents. This will, in no way, depend on their location. The mode is expected to offer the players better one-on-one battles across the globe. Looking at all this, you can be certain that Niantic is completely devoted to increasing interaction between the players. This is nice considering the future of gaming.

When the developers talked about the Buddy Adventure mode, they made sure to mention that we will receive it sometime in 2020. Now that have entered the new year, players are eager to know exactly when we will be able to experience it. Besides playing together, the mode has other features as well. It is a great way to forge a closer friendship with your buddy.

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