Realme 5 Pro Full Review

This trendy and vibrant looking smartphone with the all the latest tech will suit anyone!

A Quick Introduction – RealMe 5 Pro Full Review

RealMe is a pretty new company. In fact, it is so new that it turned one only a few months back! The company’s goal is to design and manufacture high-quality phones featuring stylish design, good performance, and an awesome camera – all at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking specifically at the Indian smartphone market, the RealMe 5 and 5 Pro are the first quad-camera based phones. This gave RealMe the break they were waiting for. The RealMe 5 Pro has many features in similar to the most premium model by RealMe – the RealMe X. Let’s take a look at the Realme 5 Pro Full Review.

Realme 5 Pro specs

Let’s quickly run through the specs once. The body has a Gorilla Glass 3 Plus at the front and a polycarbonate back, ensuring the phone is well protected all around. The 6.3-inch with a 1080p+ resolution is sure to get you grooving. If you are a camera fanatic, here are some details for you. The RealMe 5 Pro’s front camera has a 16MP Quad Bayer sensor while the back camera has Primary 48MP Quad Bayer 1/2″ sensor, an ultra-wide angle 8MP camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP portrait camera. 

RealmMe 5 Pro Full Review
RealmMe 5 Pro Full Review

The smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 712. This model is found in various options, including the 4/64GB, 6/64GB or 8/128GB. There is also a dedicated MicroSD slot with which you can expand your memory up to a maximum of 256GB. The RealMe 5 Pro runs on Android 9 and has a battery of 4,035mAh. It is available in two beautiful and attractive colors – crystal blue and crystal green.

Hardware and Software

The RealMe 5 Pro’s teardrop notch is 30% smaller than the previous version. Besides offering additional protection to the screen thanks to the use of the Gorilla Glass 3 Plus, it has also ensured that the smartphone is splash resistant. With the use of a rubber gasket, glue, and rings, you can now be sure that no water can get it either via the headphone jacks or the card slot, or the USB entrance. While most IP68 certified devices offer water protection with rubber gaskets and rings, so RealMe 5 Pro could definitely be certified for this. However, they have not mentioned anywhere that the model is officially water resistance. 

Coming to the software part of the phone, RealMe 5 Pro currently runs on Oppo’s ColorOS 6. While it has undergone some changes before use here, ColorOS is a great Android-based OS option. A nice touch is that the software allows HD streaming from Prime Videos, Netflix, and other similar applications. However, some might not be so happy about Oppo having a very similar map to iOS. One good news is that RealMe will be replacing ColorOS with their RealOS sometime soon, probably even by the end of this year. 

Some changes you might notice currently include the notification shades and the limited customization ability. However, on the brighter side, you will have a private space of sensitive content and be able to navigate around a familiar Android interface. 


Thanks to the presence of Snapdragon 712 AIE chipset, you will experience a higher processing power. In this price range, you will also not see this efficient a phone. The premium RealMe X is powered by SD 710. However, the SD712 is known to be a better and more powerful option. This is a great phone for multi-tasking. We tried using social media, calling, texting, and more simultaneously and it performed admirably. While the animations were not that great, the experience was smooth and fast. 

This is a popular phone for gaming. Even when playing heavy-duty games like PUBG, the phone didn’t show any signs of distress. With no noticeable heating and consistent performance, the phone is great for gaming. While SD 712 has a few poor reports from other phones, it seems to work really well here, leading us to the conclusion that RealMe must have optimized it to suit the phone. 

Design and Build

The RealMe 5 Pro has a crystal design at the back, giving way to the names of its different colors. The back has crystal-type facets, mimicking a diamond. While it looks trendy, it is not really an original idea with many smartphones by different manufacturers already in the market. The plastic back of the smartphone is prone to scratches and smudges, so it is advisable to take care of it. You can always add a case for protection. Despite all the attempts by RealMe, the phone just does not convey a premium feel while you use it. One point in its favor is the fact that it is not too slippery. If you love a glass-type feel, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review. 

RealmMe 5 Pro Back Panel
RealmMe 5 Pro Back Panel

According to RealMe, they worked on it and made adjustments 78 times before the look was finalized. The polycarbonate back is pretty sturdy as well. While it does not give a luxurious feel, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap either. The plastic side frames have the SIM-tray and the volume controls on the left side while the right side has the power key. The phone uses USB-C to charge. You will also notice a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom. Besides this, the lower side also has the loudspeaker grille. 

There are very thin bezels on the sides, and as with most phone, slightly larger towards the bottom. The quad-core camera comes out slightly at the back, but it does not stick out so much that the phone wobbles. The fingerprint sensor is located on the rear which is pretty efficient and consistent. The accuracy of the rear sensors is well known and this is no exception. Overall, the build quality is sturdy and the most clumsiest of us can use it confidently. Although RealMe markets it as splash-resistant, it does not have any IP certification. 


RealMe 5 Pro is a budget phone. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the display is usually average in quality. This 6.3-inch smartphone has an IPS LCD panel. There is also a tiny waterdrop notch at the top for the selfie camera. The company mentioned that this teardrop is smaller than its predecessors, and it seems to be true from the looks of it. The colors are vibrant and accurate, but of course, they cannot beat an OLED display. However, overall, they are good enough for the price range and general use. Both the minimum brightness and the maximum brightness are satisfactory. As already discussed, the RealMe Pro 5 is designed with Gorilla Glass 3+. 

Battery Life

The RealMe 5 Pro has a 4,035 mAh battery that can take you over across a day comfortably, no matter how extensive your usage may be. With a 20W fast charger, your phone will get completely charged in just over an hour. While the display may not be up to the mark, you can be sure you are getting value for every penny you are shelling out on it with the battery quality and life. 

Camera Quality

The RealMe 5 Pro is a quad-camera smartphone – the company’s very first. Did you know that RealMe never tried its hands at a triple camera phone? After the dual camera models, they jumped to the quad-camera with the release of the RealMe 5 Pro. The main camera, of course, uses the 48MP Quad Bayer sensor by Sony and is sensor optimized for both low-light photography and for day-light clicks, wherever your interest may lie. The ultra wide-angle camera has an 8MP sensor with an f/2.25 aperture while the 2MP macro camera is useful if you want to focus closely. It can focus as close as about 4cm away! One thing to note here is that the ultra-wide camera and the macro one cannot be used to record videos, unfortunately. 

RealmMe 5 Pro Camera Review
RealmMe 5 Pro Camera Review

The fourth camera is the portrait camera and can excellently increase the contrast. Of course, there is also a 12 MP selfie camera. Another thing to note is that enabling the 48MP will cause you to experience a lag. It will take about a second or two to click the photo and store it. 

Verdict – RealMe 5 Pro Full Review

To wrap up this Realme 5 Pro Full Review, let us summarize the key points. To say that RealMe 5 Pro is a great phone for the price it is offered at would be a fair statement. Snapdragon 712 is considered to be one of the best processors at the moment and having it in this budget phone is a really good value for money. Its presence on this phone can also make it attractive for gaming enthusiasts. The company says that its Game Boost works to enhance the Play Store’s top 100 games’ performance. The versatile quad-camera can ensure you always click the best photos! While the RealMe X is a much better choice, RealMe 5 Pro is not bad either. For more option, you can check out the LG Z6 Pro Full Review right here.


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