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Spotify Now Requires Location Data To Prevent Abuse Of Family Plan

Looks like we all have to get our own subscription now!



Abuse of family plans is nothing new. Netflix is famous for that and so is the popular music streaming service – Spotify. The company recently tried to reduce the abuse of this family plan by making it necessary for the users to provide access to their location data. At a very nominal rate, Spotify Family Plan allows as many as 6 users to use one account. However, sharing with friends and family is nothing new when we are talking about a streaming service. While this may work out pretty well for us, Spotify is losing millions. The Spotify family plan is designed for families and flat-sharing residences. But many abuse the intention and it feels like it is going out of limits.  

Spotify Family Plan
Spotify Family Plan

According to Spotify, all the users would be required to provide location access from time to time to ensure that there is no abuse of the family plan. The reason behind this is the fact that the family plan is based on a rule that all the users reside at the same address. By receiving location data from the same place, Spotify hopes to curb the problem. The company has already implemented this policy in the US. Users can accept the new terms within 30 days and continue using the streaming service or they can leave the platform. They are not playing around!

Spotify’s Point of View

Spotify supported their family plan policy. Many users were apprehensive of sending their location data due to privacy concerns. The company says that the data will only be to confirm the home addresses. It will be deleted immediately afterward. If the user wants to edit, they would be able to do so. If you want to protect yourself better, check out these tips. 

The company’s statement reads as follows:

“The location data that is collected during Premium Family account creation is only used by Spotify for that purpose. Once verification of a family member’s home address is completed, we do not store their location data or track their location at any time.”

Spotify Location Policy
Spotify Location Policy

Is this a good idea?

If you share a family plan with 5 of your friends, it would probably come to a couple of dollars per person! While it sounds awesome, we should also think about the artists who work hard to bring you the music that you chill to. This is their livelihood and we don’t give them their due at all. Lots of people listen to podcasts, in fact, millions of us. However, all the revenue behind that is not reaching those who are giving us the service.

While celebrity artists might not face any issue over this, lesser-known artists are definitely struggling. To stop sharing and give them their due, click here to download Spotify and get started.


While this location sharing requirement is likely to exasperate Spotify users, it does feel like a good decision. This is because all the artists will now finally receive their reward. One major drawback to this idea is the potential lack of privacy breaches. 

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