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How to Find Cheapest Flight Tickets

For International Travel in android apps

Feeling lost in the sea of travel apps? Actually, there are so many travel apps that claim to save you both money and time. Choosing the best travel app for the cheapest flight tickets is a matter of trial and error. Don’t worry. We have searched the digital world and came up with a range of top travel apps to book cheap flight tickets for international travel.

How to Find Cheapest Flight Tickets for International Travel in android apps

But before that, we are going to list some of the golden rules to help you find incredible flight deals. Keep in mind that traveling has nothing to do with how rich you are.

Over the years, finding affordable flight deals has never been so easier. The key here is timing and using the right tools.

  1. Always search for the cheapest flight on the private browsing mode until you actually book the ticket.
  2. Always consider the best price for the route you are looking for.
  3. You need to be as flexible as possible with your time of the day, dates and airports.
  4. Get to know about deals and promos and check prices as early as possible.
  5. Collect miles using Frequent Flyer Programs if you travel a lot.
  6. Look for cheapest airlines
  7. Sign up for email notifications.
  8. Choose the right websites and apps for flight comparison.

Best Apps for Cheapest Flight Bookings

Of course, trips usually need enough money. But you can save money with the apps listed here. You can save up at least half of your travel expenses.


TripAdvisor is an all-inclusive app for cheap flights and hotel deals. After choosing a cheap hotel, you should also get a cheap flight that can help you save up. This app features simple and intuitive UI which can save your time and take you directly to the features.

How to Find Cheapest Flight Tickets for International Travel in android apps

You can easily find a flight from any airline across the world and plan ahead for a round-trip or one-way ticket. Both arrival and departure dates are chosen by the user, along with the cabins they want to use. There is also a filter to find out the cheapest flight of the search results.

You can set a range as per your budget. Flights will be highlighted in green that matches your price range. This way, you can easily spot a flight. You can easily save a lot from both hotel bookings and flights with this app.


If you don’t know where to find cheap flights, Skyscanner is here. You can also visit its official website to choose great flight deals. If you don’t have time or access to the laptop, you can use its Android app to bag a flight deal. It shows flights from all low-cost airlines and you can compare thousands of flights.

You can choose the best flight deal with its filter. Simply search for a flight, apply a filter as per your budget, and get a list of flights in a few seconds.


There is also an option to share flight details with your family and friends using just one tap. It comes very handy when your family or your friends are planning for a trip with you.

KAYAK is one of the most trusted portals for flights, hotels and cab bookings. You can also download its Android app to enjoy amazing services on the go. It has been made more convenient and accessible with a user-friendly interface.

Compare flights with their filter options. Like other apps listed here, the filter option is the handy feature that presents the cheapest flights that can match what you have set.

How to Find Cheapest Flight Tickets for International Travel in android apps

Along with affordable flights, you can also keep track of flight status. It can send a notification to your mobile in case the flight has been delayed or canceled. You can download this app for free to search for cheap flights from Google Play Store.


The team behind Hipmunk really considers its customers and their needs. They know how painful it is for someone to spend several hours on a flight. If you are worried about both the time and price a flight would take, Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search is just for you.


Along with showing the cheapest flights arranged well, Hipmunk also shows how many stops and how long your flight will take with an ‘agony’ filter. Along with choosing the cheapest flight, you can also consider other aspects with a specific flight.

After choosing the least agonizing and cheapest flight, you can easily book a flight directly with this app, share your file details through email, or book the flight directly from your computer.

Searching and booking cheap flights have never been so faster and easier using this app, no matter where you are. You can download this app for free from Google Play to save money.


This app searches fares from several low-cost airlines and helps you choose the best flights to your destination. Available for both Android and iOS, JetRadar searches for the flights and compare them on over 1000 airlines. It adds a lot of filters on its flight search feature.

You can easily choose the right flight and add tickets to “Favorites” and keep track of price changes. It also allows you to narrow down your searches by total price, the number of stops, stopover duration, journey time, and other important factors.



If you want to know how much the price of a particular flight can rise, Hopper is the best choice. Along with searching for the cheapest deals, this app can tell you if the price of a particular flight is lowest.

It will also suggest to you whether it is right to buy it or leave it. You can find out the approx price rise in the near future.


You don’t have to face pop-ups and ads with this app. It is a clear and smooth app. If you have planned several trips, Hopper can help you as well. You can set it up to look for only nonstop or connecting flights, as you like.


Traveling can be both fun and costly. This way, you may want to find the cheapest possible flight by choosing the above apps. You don’t have to pay anything extra just to get the best deal.

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