Tesla vs Lovecraft game review

10tons is becoming a sensation among the shooters. The developer has entered in the guns and fantasy gaming field one and a half decades back with Crimsonland. It proves its worth by launching the game to entirely new audiences and they take it with open hands. Then they diverse the genre in several interesting ways with a sequence of titles.

Tesla vs Lovecraft game review


Neon Chrome is one of the games which offers a stable top-down shooting by including a roguelike feel. Neon Chrome gives a trending gaming environment with an impressive cyberpunk aesthetic.

Time Recoil is another launch that brings a time-slowing mechanic to the gaming world. JYDGE designs with an excellent storyline, smart levels that are not motivated by JUDGE DREDD. These games critically acclaim on whichever platform they have launched on. The user-friendly experience and the extremely well translation make them great and attractive. It led to the huge popularity of these games among the masses, including the newer audience.

The Latest Launch

10tons emphasis on launching the trending games in no time. They update the game features and match the latest trend with a sheer craft. The newest release from them is TESLA vs LOVECRAFT. This game experiences overwhelming reviews following its launch at the starting of the year.

10tons are all set to join the sibling of the same on smartphones. This is ending up being another fabulous shooter hit for 10tons, right? Indeed. But with some exemptions.

10tons shooters all are having their own kind of contrivance or uncommon gameplay which shows their exceptional feature. This feature makes them different from the common game leagues. In Tesla vs Lovecraft, the special feature is nowhere hiding; it is there in its name itself. It’s the rivalry that depicts the gameplay between the Nikolas Tesla, the Father of Electricity and HP Lovecraft who is the Father of Horror Fiction.

The rivalry 

HP Lovecraft is taking extreme issues with Nicholas Tesla combating with his findings in electric technology. He vows to get revenge by making horrific creatures come to life and attack Tesla. This is certainly not an overwhelmingly precise game or anything, this ought to be clear. There should not be any second thoughts about that, even though most of the players are very smart.

 There are several gameplay mechanics involve in Tesla vs Lovecraft, apart from its thematic awesomeness. This is certainly making it stand out in its own league. It feels like 10tons is arriving with the highest pitch of glory with Tesla vs Lovecraft among all which it releases in the past.

The game includes the traditional use of guns and gadgets which most of the people will be naturally able to unlock. But being a rookie in this field, 10tons comes out with remarkably outstanding gadgets which will give some extraordinary power to the gamers. These gadgets will be in ones’ pocket the time one unlocks some levels. But these are there for limited uses.

The Tesla Mech

The final blow for the whole aggressive system in Tesla vs Lovecraft is the Tesla Mech. This will provide an unbelievable amount of ammunition which one can plod around the mech firing. It is having 6 pieces spreading throughout the level. The aim is to assemble every part for complete destruction.

The Tesla Mech

The experience of utilizing it is exceptionally fulfilling. However, one needs to discover all the parts before using it and it is limited as well. So, there comes the balance with the rest of the game’s mechanics.

The levels include the motive to destroy a large number of enemies. These enemies produce endlessly and keep on increasing progressively. To overcome this, one needs to completely destroy the central producing zone of enemies. The gameplay and the arena will remind you of the classic top-down shooters’ games that you play on your mobile.

The catch of the game is its cool gadgets, awesome weapons and certainly the demanding Tesla Mech. These all features add the feather to the crown to make the game a sensation. The Tesla vs Lovecraft will surely provide the challenging levels, rightly balanced and top skill-based difficulties to test the limits of the players. The game ensures the use of techie minds with world-class gaming experience.

The puzzling circumstance

One can face difficulty when he tries to play the game on his mobile. To streamline the game with the touch screen controls, one has to handle the gameplay with two taps on both sides of the dual sticks for aiming and shooting. The main ability of Tesla Mech is its double-tap left movement. It judiciously allows some free moments to get past the humongous numbers of enemies.

The right double-tap of the gadget requires one to take the thumb off the stick to aim the shots for a short moment. This adds to give some essential little minutes to expand the accuracy of the shots.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a frenzied game, so it emphasizes on creating space by running away from a large number of enemies. One has to bluff the game by quickly replacing the stick with the thumb itself and hence one finds teleporting spontaneously when one does not mean to.

There is another feature for teleporting by allowing a virtual button on the right side of the screen. This turns out to be a sound solution. However, it does not disable the 2-tap version.


The review for any game is fiction unless one plays it by himself. However, Tesla vs Lovecraft is certainly a blistering top-down shooting game. It is one of the best games in terms of efforts and graphics as developed by 10tons.

10tons offers some high discounts on Tesla vs Lovecraft during its pre-order period. They are extending this during its launch time period too. If one is a 10tons fan, no one will care for the discount prices but jump into the ordering queue. Tesla vs Lovecraft all in all is a fantastic game with very nice graphics and efforts.

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