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How To Change Notification Settings On Android?

Notifications, which notify you and help in showing the new content in the app or on a website is like a reminder of the content. You can change the notification settings of an app, based on your interest in it. You can particularly consider few notifications or all notifications on the phone. Like only alarm, not any more or prioritize all. You can manage the notifications by following methods.

How To Change Notification Settings On Android

Deactivate notifications

There are two ways to do it. One is the priority and another one is None.

You can particularly consider a few apps to send the notifications and others to be silent. Like keeping the news apps on and others on silent. You can do this by –

    • Go to Settings
    • Sound & notification
    • Interruption then selecting the types of notifications you wish to set as priority.

It’s good mentioning that when you limit the notifications. you will receive the priority ones only; you won’t hear any other notification. Other is None, this doesn’t allow any apps or any websites to send the notifications.

Restrict notifications to particular apps

Few people manage their notifications by deciding what notifications each individual app is permitted to display. Some Android versions like Lollipop allow you a decent amount of control and Marshmallow takes it a step further by allowing you to refuse authorizations.

For the Notification management –

    • Go to Settings
    • Sound & notification.
    • In-App notifications, you can individually refer to change the options.

This is an absolute necessity that if you wish to stop that one app that’s causing your phone to go off every two seconds. When the device is locked, you can also hide the notification contents.

Setup Do not disturb mode

Go to your phone settings and select Sound & Notification then Do Not Disturb to enter the settings for this Mode. You can then modify these to suit your needs (alarms, reminders, events, etc.) or on the basis of your priority.

You can also set Do Not Disturb mode to automatically switch on at a regular time. In the settings, select a time period when you want the mode to switch on itself.

In the notification bar, we find an option called Notification Settings. Select that option to individually monitor the app notifications whether to off or on them. This is the simplest method to change your notification settings including the time factor in your phone.

You can also change the notification style on Android-based on your priorities. Go to –

    • Displaying
    • Edge screen
    • Edge lighting
    • Manage notifications

Now select what you want to change. Being more particular, you can also set notification ringtones on your Android. Firstly, go to the main system settings. Now, find and tap on sound and notification, your phone may just say Sound settings. Next, find and tap on default notification ringtone your phone may just say Notification sound. Secondly, choose a sound on the list. Finally, when you’ve chosen a sound from the list, tap on Ok to finish it.

So, these are the methods through which you can easily change the notification settings in your Android phone.

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