The Best True Wireless Earbuds: Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds: The best competitor to Apple AirPods is here!

Amazon might not have a lot of experience with hardware but the company has clearly put in some major efforts. Imagine coming up with a product that clearly wins over other products by a company that has long been in the industry! Amazon’s Echo Buds are its contribution to the accessories market. Offering a comfortable design, five hours of battery life, perfect fitting, and hands-free access to Alexa, it is already sounding better than the AirPods. If you add Siri and Google Assistant compatibility, IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating, and Bose Active Noise Reduction, this product soars above the clouds. 

The price is its best part. It is priced quite affordably. However, the hardware part seems to have been the top issue in the creation of the Echo Earbuds. Let’s read for a detailed review of these super devices. 

Comfy and secure

It is pretty clear that the company spent a lot of time on the design to ensure that these earbuds fit snugs on all types of ears. Along with the Echo Ear Buds, you will receive three sizes of silicone ear tips and three sizes of wingtips. The reason the company worked to ensure proper fit is because Bose Active Noise Reduction will work its best only when the buds achieve a full seal. For improving its product, the company has come up with an ear tip sizing test. You can find this in the Alexa app and using this, you would be able to find the exact size of the ear tip that would suit you the best. 

The wingtips are optional and you can use them if needed. Some users might be able to achieve the best fit even without the wingtips. With them, however, you can make sure that the buds will not move at all. You can tap on them with your fingers without making them budge. They don’t have a bulging stem, which is a nice design trend, especially when compared to Apple’s AirPods. 

Amazon Echo Buds Review
Amazon Echo Buds Review

Wireless Capabilities

Connection drops are a very real problem with wireless earbuds. This was seen with Apple’s custom H1 Bluetooth chip as well. This could refer to either the earbuds dropping out for a second or so or losing its signal. Amazon’s Echo Ear Buds, on the other hand, don’t succumb to this problem at all. You can expect them to stay tethered over Bluetooth on any device. While other earbuds may have signal issues in certain locations, the Echo Ear Buds don’t seem to face any. 

These earbuds are also one of the most flexible options available in the market right now. You can use both of them or just one. If you are using both earbuds, just pull one out and you will notice that the audio pauses. Placing it back on your ears will resume the audio. Surprisingly, this works pretty well for a new feature. One possible issue users could face is in the initial pairing of the Echo Buds. The Alexa app will recognize and pair to these Echo Buds when the charging case is opened and placed beside the phone. 

Excellent ANR

These Echo Buds are known for their superior ANR tech supported by Bose. It works excellently well. Turning this feature on will give subdue all low-level noises, allowing you to work in quiet or listen to your audio in peace. 

The Active Noise Reduction feature effectively reduces the sounds of nearby conversations, traffic, machinery humming, and general noises from the surroundings. While it does not offer complete and utter silence, it does lower the level of outside sound that is allowed in, letting you enjoy the experience better. 

Great Audio Quality 

To be honest, not a lot of people were expecting the Echo Buds to offer high-quality audio. Amazon truly surprised a lot of users by developing a product that is more or less perfect all around. Regarding the sound quality, it easily beats the AirPods. The audio is sharp, rich, and vibrant. While the bass is over-delivered on default settings, you can always modify the EW Settings by visiting the Alexa app. 

Amazon Echo Buds
Amazon Echo Buds

Alexa Support

These Echo Buds by Amazon are making Alexa indispensable to us. If the Alexa app is running on your phone, you can easily start interacting with Alexa using the wake word. Thanks to the three-mic array on each earbud, you will not have to yell to make yourself heard. Alexa would be able to hear you and respond immediately no matter what the conditions are. While virtual assistant experiences are no longer something new for most users, using the Echo Buds will definitely give you a different experience. 

The addition of Google Play Music would have been a nice touch. However, Amazon does allow users to connect to and use Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. The earbuds are also designed to work with both Google Assistant and Siri, depending on your device. However, regardless of your device, you can use Alexa hands-free. It works similar to Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot speakers

Gestures and Control

Amazon Echo Buds don’t feature any physical buttons, but you can always tap on the surface to control its functions. Via the Alexa app, you can easily set different functions to each earbud. You can assign commands to a double-tap and a long-press for each earbud. 

With no physical buttons, you tap on the smooth outer surfaces of the Echo Buds to control its various functions. The Alexa app gives you the ability to assign different functions to each earbud, but you only get two interactions: A double-tap and a long-press. Usual controls include play/pause, forward/back, skip, etc. Do note there is no way to adjust the volume manually – you will have to ask Alexa to help you out with this. 


Keeping in mind its price, the Amazon Echo Buds seem to offer high value for money. With Bose ANR, hands-free Alexa access, decent battery life, and superior audio quality, these earbuds are truly a great purchase. 

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