The Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Have A Massive Battery, According To Leak

Great news for Samsung fans!

According to a leak, it looks like Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a larger than usual battery. Even the Samsung Galaxy S11e (most likely to be called this and also the smallest in the Galaxy series), might be supported by a 4,000mAh battery. Compared to its predecessor, Galaxy S10e, this is a massive improvement. Brace yourself – the Galaxy S11+ may have a battery as huge as 5,000mAh. One thing we should note is that a larger battery does not automatically mean longer battery life. It is just as well that the phone has a larger battery since the many new features that the phone has will be requiring the bigger battery. Besides the news flash about a larger battery, they have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz and could possibly skip the 90Hz display altogether, leaving devices like OnePlus 7 and Pixel 4 far behind. 

One other reason for a big battery could be the introduction of 5G. Since 5G would a standard fixture in all upcoming models, a larger battery would come in handy since it tends to use more energy. Most companies would need to think about upgrading their batteries once 5G takes over.

Samsung Galaxy S11
Samsung Galaxy S11


Currently, it is not very clear if a larger battery could impact the build. The truth is that if it is not too bulky to handle, most users would not mind too much. Considering the Apple example, not many users were upset about the iPhone 11 being slightly thicker than iPhone Xs. The phone can now last quite some time longer, so much so that users can easily for a day and sometimes, even two! 

Basic Features Of Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung’s next-to-be-released flagship phone is all set. Besides the larger battery, the camera quality and performance is expected to be wonderful as well. The camera will feature a 108-megapixel primary sensor with a periscope camera supporting 5x zoom. In addition to this, it is believed that Samsung could possibly add 3D sensors to both the front and rear camera systems! Another cool feature coming to the Galaxy S11 model is the 3D face recognition, which works in a manner similar to the iPhone. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 Back
Samsung Galaxy S11 Back

Latest News About Samsung Galaxy S11 Battery

As we have already seen, the new battery is likely to be 4,000 mAh. It is an awesome inclusion in a phone that is not very large itself. It is thought to be similar to the Note10 battery. Samsung has made some changes and tweaked the design a bit to make it better. In fact, it is suggested that a 5,000 mAh battery for the Galaxy S11+ model would not be a surprise either! This would support the phone to provide better 5G utility and have higher screen refresh rates. For comparison’s sake, the iPhone 11 feature only a 3,046 mAh battery. It looks like this phone would be able to last considerably longer. The Samsung Galaxy S11 should be launched in coming February.

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