Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Difference between the two products

Most of the homes are today becoming increasingly much better and smarter. It is partly the smart speakers that are integrated with the rapid evolution in your smart home. Google’s Home Speaker is not available for quite some time and now it becomes one of the most popular products. It serves both as a great music player and an intelligent virtual assistant. However the Amazon Echo, the recently launched new competitor and also the company’s 3rd generation product.

Difference between Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

These two products will decor your smart home space. Also, it offers audiophiles with rich sound performances and intelligent virtual assistants. Both products will also support a huge collection of connecting smart home gadgets to access and control through your voice. In case, if you prefer to purchase the best smart speaker then it is essential to understand the pros & cons of the products.

With the entire information and news, it is very much hard to choose the best one from the two most popular products Google Home and Amazon Echo. A well-informed purchase can be made wisely with its major similarities and differences. For your reference, you can find below the two voice assistants appearance, smart design, compatibility, smart speakers, etc.


Google Home product comes with an interesting design and will surely impress you while unpacking the product. The device has bottom fabric that showcases in grey color and top-side with the white area. The sloped top white is includes LED lights and display that the device is turned on while playing the music, and many more. It is attractive and small.

Google Home Design

Amazon Echo, the 2nd generation slimmed-down version is the first model of this product. It comes with numerous colors such as oak, charcoal, etc and has a cylindrical design. The top-side includes the physical buttons to turn on or off the microphone.

Also, around the ring-side with indicator lights, it shows whether the device is on or playing the music. Google Home can be showcased as a tech product, while Amazon Echo comes with amazing design. In addition, it has many fabrics to decor any room and makes it the best choice for you to prefer.

Power Assistant

Google Home includes its own company’s virtual personal assistant named as Google Assistant. Generally, it has a powerful service and allows the users to perform numerous tasks such as accessing your favorite music and turning on or off the lights.

It is much easier to understand while you speak. Google provides the best way to boost its Assistant’s appearance by understanding in multiple ways you speak. At times, the Assistant may also fail to understand your question and not able to answer it properly.

Amazon Echo is one powerful device and always not able to perform the best job to understand your questions in numerous ways. However, it shines to perform countless things to its users. Besides, it can assist to hail your Uber ride, order your pizza, playing the favorite music, and turning on or off the lights.

Amazon Echo is available on Amazon’s online store and as well as tied with other services. The Echo is one of the best products to purchase a worthy device, love audiobooks or even a shopper.

Third-Party Support

Amazon Echo will be one of the best and clear leaders with regard to its numerous ways of utilization. Amazon Echo has the ability to offer more than 20,000 skills. Some of them such as ordering a pizza and may be specific to certain voice assistants.

It can perform well with more general features and assist the users to start recording the cameras that are located around your house or access your songs from the device. This product has the ability to control the various third-party services and devices like Amazon’s Echo reigns supreme, smart home device, etc.

Google Home Third-Party Support

However, Google Home products will not support a similar level of Amazon’s Echo third-party applications. Indeed, Google can offer support only for numerous offerings and other services. Those offerings could be listed under some most popular devices and services to function as per your expectations. Google Home’s Voice Assistant will be able to perform the desired job and work on various useful things.

Key Features

Both Google Home and Amazon Echo will offer various host features and allow the users to both listening to your favorite entertainment and as well as controlling your smart home. Both devices can be controlled using the voice commands and allow them to lock the door, turn on or off the lights, turn up or down the thermostat, and many more.

Hence, both products will work efficiently with today’s other most popular devices such as WeMo-friendly lights, Nest thermostats, and much more. With regards to audio, both products with smart speakers will allow playing audiobooks, podcasts, music, and any other sort of audio tracks. Since both devices don’t come with a screen to watch your favorite video content (movies, TV shows, etc).

New Smart Speakers

Amazon’s Echo will offer various features in terms of 3rd-party functionalities and partners. Amazon is one of the leading smart speaker industry and reigning veterans to provide numerous third-party partnerships that have content offerings and developed applications, especially for Digiday Echo product.

With similarities, Google Home will create the best relations and also allow the 3rd-party applications to retain themselves as alternative smart speaker competitor across the online platform.

Both Amazon Echo & Google Home are the closest competitors to feature notable strengths & differences with regards to its basic usage and other functionalities. Amazon Echo with e-commerce infrastructure is well-suited and adept the users to get placed with efficient performance.

Google Home with Chromecast integration (additional cost of $35) will be much better adaptable for users to provide home entertainment with a wide range of movie and TV show options. It also comes with Google’s robust browse or searches capabilities.

Pricing & Availability

Both Amazon Echo & Google Home are currently available through an online platform at affordable prices. Users can purchase the product through Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and elsewhere. Google Home is initially priced at $130 and now available in Walmart for $100. Amazon Echo is priced at $100 however; Amazon’s official website is selling this product for $70.

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