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Tiktok Scandal: Elite Toorak Girls’ School in Melbourne Rocked

After it went viral, the video has been deleted from the platform.

A well-known private girls’ school in Melbourne recently became the centre of attention after three minor students posted a video of themselves. The incident is a major TikTok scandal. The video follows three girls driving through McDonald’s. The students posted this on their social media accounts. Since they were wearing their school uniforms at the time, it became easy to identify them.

Three underage girls from St Catherine’s School in Toorak filmed themselves driving a car. They uploaded this video on TikTok. The video captures them giving instruction to the driver, who is also one of the teens. The student does not have her license yet either. The video features a lot of laughter, shouts, and chants.

According to the school, they believed that the girls were under the supervision of a family guardian” at the time. Robert Marshall, the Deputy Principal of the school, claims that the guardian who is not visible in the video was the one supervising. The same statement was given to 9News as well.

Tiktok Scandal
Tiktok Scandal

Marshall says, “The school is aware of an isolated incident that occurred outside of school hours involving three students. This incident occurred whilst they were under the supervision of a family guardian. As this remains a private matter for the families involved, the school will not comment any further at this time.”

TikTok and Schools

St Catherine’s School in Melbourne is a prestigious school, with annual fees in the range of $35,000. The video that became big news captures the teens going through McDonald’s drive-through. The unlicensed, teen driver is wearing her school unfirm which is quite clearly visible even over the emojis in the TikTok video. While the teen driver seems to be having fun driving, the passengers mimic fear by putting a hand to their faces. Another disturbing fact here is that none of the passengers seemed to be wearing a seat belt.


In the video, the driver is heard to say, “I know how to drive. I am not even pressing the pedal because I don’t need to.” The passengers, however, chant, “Brake, brake, brake.” Once they reach McDonald’s drive-through window, they break into a chant that has spread like wildfire across social media.

“Can I get a Big Mac, super-serve of fries, why are you staring at me, please go get my apple pies,” the teens sing in unison. They proceed to order 20 chicken nuggets, three large chips, one McFlurry, four Big Macs, five apple pies, and one chocolate milkshake.

ByteDance and TikTok

TikTok is owned by ByteDance. This is not the first time, TikTok has come under light for allowing underage users on its platform. Last year, the US authorities fined the app A$8.5 million for collecting data on users under 13 years of age. Australia’s e-Safety Commissioner launched a new online safety booklet in light of this and other incidents online. Julie Inman Grant mentions that TikTok needs to have more safety features in place for underage users on the platform. After it went viral, the video has been deleted from the platform.

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