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How to remove the Google Search bar from any Android home screen

Google is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. It provides information and other services from daily life to world-class technologies. It is transforming itself day by day. The evolution of Google leads up to the epitome of technology. Google not only provides search engine services but it launches its smartphones and making a mark in the smartphone business.

How to remove the Google Search bar from any Android home screenAndroid is a subset of Google. Nowadays, Android smartphones are the most running smartphones in the world. The establishment of Android in the market is considerable. It provides a search bar on the home screen of every smartphone.

Reasons to remove

Google tries to provide the best of its facilities to its users. Consequently, it launches a mic bar on the right corner of the Google Search bar. It provides a facility to search the information through voice mode. One can speak to it and can search whatever the information they want. Google comes up with a feature of Google Assistant. It will provide most of the assistance one might need.

It provides the Google Search bar on the home screen of the phone which at times becomes the cause of concern. The bar takes a lot of space on the home screen which can you can use for several other purposes. If we are able to remove the Google Search bar from the home screen, we will be able to put many icons in the place of it. This is one of the biggest reasons that one needs to remove the Google Search bar from the Android home screen.

How to remove it?

The process to remove the Search bar varies from phone to phone. But it is not a difficult task. At times, one just needs to press the bar for a bit long and the bar pops up the remove or the hide option.

Most of the time the cause of concern becomes the space it takes on the home screen. So to minimize the space, one can also reduce or minimize the space by taking a suitable option.

There are some examples of how to remove the Search bar. Like in Samsung, one just needs to long-press the bar, and it pops up with an option to remove it just like another widget.

But in Sony Xperia it is different. It basically hides it in a different way. On Huawei handsets, one just needs to go to their home screen and long-press the Google Search bar and drag it to top of the screen. Once you leave it, it will disappear automatically.

Bottom Line

One can also use disable settings and disable the Google app. This is one of the alternatives to removing the Google Search bar from the home screen. By rooting your Android phone you can also remove the Google Search bar. But this might affect the warranty guidelines of the smartphone.

So the problem of taking space by Google search bar can be resolved through several means and the remaining space can be used for other useful purposes.

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