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Tweetcaster Stops Working Entirely, Developer Says Twitter Broke It

This looks like an excellent time to update TweetCaster.

TweetCaster is an old third-party Twitter app on Android. It was first published in 2010. We see that the app has not been updated for the last year. Now, you cannot connect to Twitter at all. Most recent Play Store reviews mention pretty much the same thing that the app is no longer working. All the users see is a 401 error. As of now, it does not look to be related to the app reaching Twitter’s notorious API token limit. This usually marks the end of third-party clients with existing users being able to access their accounts.

Tweetcaster Stops Working
Tweetcaster Stops Working

TweetCaster was developed by OneLouder, who recently mentioned that Twitter broke the app on their end. The team is working to notify the users of the outage. However, there is no comment from Twitter about why this app is not working anymore. TweetCaster fans and users are taking to Twitter to find a solution or alternative for it. @nhammer13 tweets, “So Tweetcaster died and I’m heartbroken. Does anyone use anything other than the official Twitter app? I loved being able to read all of my tweets in chronological order and the Twitter app just seems so scattered.”

TweetCaster and Twitter

Many users say that it has been a long time since they have used Twitter. TweetCaster was their first choice since it was clean and neat, allowing the users to read their tweets in chronological order. TweetCaster is among the first third-party apps for Twitter. It is incredible that the developers had the app running strongly for about a decade. We sincerely hope that TweetCaster can work with Twitter to fix the outage. It is very hard to deal with the loss of an app that you have used for years and years.


A Quick Update

With the app long due for an update, it came as no surprise that the app had an issue with Twitter. However, it did not dull the blow since it is one of the all-time favourites across the globe. Despite the fact that TweetCaster has not received an update for about a year, OneLouder still took matters up with Twitter. The company mentioned that they are trying to get in touch with Twitter to understand what went wrong and how it could be made right again.

After the attempt, OneLouder posted a tweet, “Hey TweetCaster fans! We just posted an update to the app (9.4.2) that fixes the outage. Google is processing the app and it should be available on Google Play soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. Twitter API token was invalidated and it took a while to resolve it with Twitter support.” Maybe this incident will motivate the developers to bring an update for the app. If TweetCaster is not updated and does not work flawlessly like before, it is only a matter of time before another similar app pops up. At the moment, they have the support of all the users who have dedicatedly used it in the past decade. This would be an excellent time to update TweetCaster.

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