Update: OnePlus 6 rollout restarted Stable Android 10

Update now rolling out for OnePlus 6/6T

The craze of mobile and having trendy mobile has become a trend in itself. And, when it is a OnePlus 6, that’s a happy moment. OnePlus has embarked on rolling out the android 1-based oxygen OS 10 open beta. It has updated for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T devices.

OnePlus 6 rollout restarted] Stable Android 10 update now rolling out for OnePlus 6/6T

Features of the android 10 updated  

It has many amazing features and welcomes back with an updated version of 6/6T. Well, when it comes to new UI design, just do not miss out on this 6/6T. This version has been enhanced locale acceptance from the perspective of privacy and customization feature in settings.

The company has arranged all the games in one folder like a game library and you can play it as you want. The messaging app offers more privacy for blocking spam by the keywords.

Features of the android 10 updated

OnePlus 6, 6T Android 10 updated detailed

Well, the Reddit has reported that the Android 10 update is roughly 1.8 GB in size. This mobile is truly supportive when it comes to VPN usage.

But if you are looking for using this feature, then you will have to download the VPN app from PlayStore. Now, you will have to select your region. And, then just click on go to connect option.

Some brilliant features of 6/6T

Once started using the device, you will also get an opportunity to witness the great attention-grabbing features for sure.

Some brilliant features of 6/6T

System: It is upgraded to the android 10 version. It has even a brand new UI design with the powerful locale permits. This version even fixes the bug and many added improvements are also there.

About its screen: The OnePlus and Apple mobiles give full-screen facility. It adds up inward swipes from the left or the right edge of the screen to go back. By switching on to the navigation, one may use the feature of both lefts and right pretty well.

Contextual display: This is one another good feature which is modeled on the particular times, locale and events for the ambient display (setting-> display –> ambient display –> contextual display)

Game space: Nowadays, the craze of the game has improved and this mobile phone already has given space for the games.

Message: It is possible to block the spam messages here on this mobile.

Up: Of course who else cannot be tempted by such an amazing phone? This phone offers so many valuable quality features which just do undeniably. These phones actually make life easy and simple.

Since 6/6T has come with its updated version 10 and it has changed the meaning of phones. The price is also reasonable where one cannot expect such brilliant features less at price than this.

OnePlus has always been parallel to apple mobile with many features. And the price of this 6T is even better with various features. So those who have made up their mind to buy any mobile must not miss out on this.

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