Youtube Gains Channel Filter In Subscriptions Better Playback Control Accessibility

Better Playback Control Accessibility

Now, get control over your subscriptions. YouTube application has come up with a new update that enables you to filter subscribed channels, which is called Youtube Channel Filter.

Youtube Gains Channel Filter In Subscriptions Better Playback Control Accessibility

You decide when these subscriptions automatically disappear and appear on your YouTube screen. With this new update, you get accessibility to sort your subscriptions easily. Also, you can get better control over your playback options.

This tap-to-filter update in the subscription icon is rolling out at a smooth pace. Many users are loving this new feature due to its easy accessibility player. It is also enabling users with easy icon tap to see the newest YouTube videos and feeds. Hence, they don’t miss out on something great and interesting.

Do one-click on ALL button in the extreme right top and you may see the list of all the channels that you have subscribed to date. Also, while clicking on the subscribed channels’ list you can directly open that particular YouTuber’s page. It’s that easy!

Brief Understanding of Playback Control accessibility

As you now know, the new update made new modifications in the subscription icon adding a top-notch toggle for playback accessibility.

Once you enable accessibility controls in the subscription box icon you will see another option of “Hide Player Controls” where you will have choices ranging from 3-30 seconds where you can decide till what time you want your subscribed channel icon to stay on-screen and when to have them disappear.

So, update your YouTube today and try out this Youtube Channel Filter feature!

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