Z Flip by Samsung and Motorola Razr make little sense for business

Take a look at how Z Flip vs. Razr performs.

If you have been keeping up with the news, you may know that the Galaxy Z Flip by Samsung and the Razr smartphone by Motorola are both foldable smartphone models. Each is designed in an innovative manner. However, they have been priced a bit too high to warrant widespread sales. The Motorola Razr is set for a February release while the Galaxy Z Flip is scheduled to be launched sometime in March. While the name of the latter device is not yet confirmed, many sources mentioned that it could be named the Z Flip. Both of these smartphones are designed to fold along the x-axis, meaning you can fold them top to bottom.

The Galaxy Fold becomes a small tablet when you open it which is perfect for watching a movie or getting some information. You can multi-task on this easily and swap between several apps. When you close it, you will be able to use the Razr or the Z Flip as a smartphone. The idea behind this is dual functionality with a splash of swag.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The first Samsung foldable device was not received very well. It was mainly due to its delicate build and crease along the fold that made up the main criticisms. The premium price tag didn’t help matters either. Regardless, Samsung managed to make nearly half-a-million in global sales – something which is surprising and almost unheard of regarding first-gen innovations. The Galaxy Z Flip is about to release next month.

Features of the Z Flip and Razr

For a brief moment, there might be some nostalgia about the Razr flip phone of the past. However, that is short-lived considering that the foldable model has priced triple the original model. The phone comes with a 2510 mAh battery which is a small battery by all means. It could be hard to power two displays with this battery. Even when completely opened up, the phone comes to only about 6.2 inches which is smaller than most of today’s flagships.

Motorola Razr
Motorola Razr

On the other hand, Samsung is said to have priced the Galaxy Z Flip quite affordably. This means it will be a far better option than the Razr if that is true. Again, the Z Flip will also have higher-end specifications when compared to Razr.

While Samsung was among the first companies to come up with foldable smartphones, others in the industry have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Microsoft is now planning to introduce the Surface Duo sometime later in 2020. While phones that open up to offer more screen lead to better productivity and is in most cases, very useful to the users. However, some consumers also enjoy using phones that fold up to become smaller versions of themselves. One way or the other, you can be sure that the foldable display tech is here to stay. With more companies working on it, we can sure that advancements on this tech will be rapid.

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