5 Things You Should Know About Upcoming Nokia TV

We are eager to find out how the first TV from Nokia is!

Nokia recently released a teaser about its latest device. It is expected to be released on the 5th of December 2019. While Nokia has not said a word so far, Flipkart has confirmed that the new product by Nokia is a TV. Flipkart even shared a picture to give us a peek into how the Nokia TV would look. With the TV about to be released, let’s take a look at its highlights and features. The TV is expected to be unveiled at an event in New Delhi. Flipkart is the official brand licensee for Nokia and is expected to handle all the sales for Nokia branded Smart TVs.


Nokia TV is designed and manufactured using the best hardware available for its display. There are plenty of rumours going around about the same. According to speculations, it is believed that the the TV will come with a 55-inch 4K panel, offering the best experience ever. The TV is designed to be ultra-slim and might look similar to Xiaomi’s 55 inches model.

Nokia Smart TV
Nokia Smart TV

Dolby Audio Sound Quality

One of the major drawbacks in the televisions today is that downgraded sound quality. Even the higher models come with only decent quality audio. However, the TV will have incredible audio enhancements like Dolby Audio support. Besides this, you will also be able to enjoy a surround and theatre-like sound experience thanks to DTS TruSurround Sound support.

JBL Acoustics

While Nokia has not mentioned that the TV would come with JBL Audio, the picture shared by Flipkart tells us that it will indeed be the case. Flipkart later confirmed the speculation that the it will be powered by the JBL audio. Since this is the first time JBL will be seen in the TV audio sector, many are excited to see how things will turn out.

Specifications of Nokia TV

While there has been nothing regarding specifications about the smart TV, we know that it will come with Android TV OS. With Nokia being a smartphone brand, we can be sure that they will use a good enough processor with the required RAM to make sure that the Nokia TV runs smoothly. The rumours also suggest that the TV might come with a separate JBL soundbar.

Nokia Smart TV with JBL Sound
Nokia Smart TV with JBL Sound


So far, there has not been any mention of price, from either Flipkart nor Nokia. However, looking at Nokia’s pricing trends, it doesn’t look like the TV will fall in the affordable range. It could be priced somewhere along with the range of the OnePlus TV. Despite this, it should be worth it since Nokia is known for its build quality and features.

Verdict – Nokia TV

While it may have come as a surprise that Nokia is releasing a smart TV, it is not really very shocking. Especially since other smartphone companies like OnePlus and Huawei have already dipped their toes in this sector. According to Flipkart, the date of release is not all that far away. So, we can expect the see the Nokia TV release any day now.

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