Airtel Wi-Fi Calling expands to five new locations in India

Airtel is well-known for it’s cheap and affordable rates across all the countries that it operates in. There are a lot of services that this company, in particular, keeps rolling out to its users and subscribers that often make it stand out as a leading mobile network service provider.

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling

Quite recently, the largest integrated mobile network company in India expanded its first voice over Wi-Fi service to a number of new locations in and around India. The new locations through which this service is expanding are namely; Mumbai, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Karnakata, and Tamil Nadu. This comes close to two weeks after it announced the service officially in Delhi-NCR.

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Compatible Phones

The telecommunications company further added compatibility for more smartphones that include all iPhone models from the iPhone 6S and above, the Samsung Galaxy A10s, Galaxy On6, Redmi K20 and it is Pro version. The Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy M20 were also included in the list alongside OnePlus 6 and 7 series devices.

The telecommunications company has gradually grown to be successful most especially in India and its use is wide and diverse and can be safely considered to be one of the leading mobile network providers in India.

The System

The voice-over WI-FI system is something that has existed for a long time in the US. It is a great show to see Airtel Wi-Fi Calling service roll-off to India which is still a developing country

Wi-Fi calling is very convenient as it allows mobile subscribers to receive call-in places where there are no network bars. In addition, it is very fast and reliable in terms of connections. Unlike other almost similar services such as skype, Wi-Fi calling allows a user to use their existing phone number.

Hence, the users don’t need to download a stand-alone 3rd party application or pay for another virtual number. All the caller has to do is to be a mobile network subscriber for the company and have a device that is compatible with the service in the first place.

Airtel also went further to assure users whose phones are not compatible with the service. They are working with a number of cell phone companies to ensure that their service is available to more smartphones. So in case, you are thinking, your cell phone will not be able to allow you to access the Voice over Wi-Fi calling service, you need not worry for too long. The huge brains are in the works of building a more reliable and universal mode of sharing the service.

Summarizing It

For now, it would be better to see where the company hopes to proceed with this new form of communication. It would be nice to see such services dominating other continents that are still in the making such as Africa and the lot.

We all may find more on this service and more from the official Airtel website. Also, you could contact the customer care helpline to get help with is if your cell phone is compatible with the services and if not how long it could take for the compatibility to reach your device.

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