Alexa Can Now Set Sleep Timers to Simulate

A Sunrise Using Your Smart Lights

Artificial intelligence is nowadays playing a significant role in all aspects of human life. Starting from our home to all the fields like medical, Bigdata, Roads, & safety, the list goes on. With the growth of technology, it is becoming intertwined in people’s lives. Alexa is one such artificial intelligence device that provides smart assistance to you at your fingertips. It has several advanced and intelligent features.

Alexa Can Now Set Sleep Timers

According to the latest update, now, Alexa can wake you up using smart lights by giving you the feel of sunrise.

Alexa Takes Control Over Smart Lights

Alexa registers your command and makes the smart light imitate a Sunrise. The brightness of the intelligent light gradually increases over time and gives you the feel of the sun slowly rising.

Alexa Takes Control Over Smart Lights

Example – You say: “Alexa, wake me up by 5.30 am tomorrow using lamp”.

It will take care of the rest of the activity. It ensures the brightness of the smart light gradually increases from 5.20 am, giving you an effect of daylight and triggers you to wake up.

“Digital Trends,” says, smart light Sunrise features can be activated for all the days of a week.

You have to command Alexa to set the sleep timers like, Alexa, wake me up every morning by 5.30 am using lamp”. It follows the command daily without error.

The same feature can be used for sleeping also.

Just order it like this: “Alexa, set up sleep timer one-hour using lamp.” The smart device ensures the light dims gradually. You can plan that one hour to finish up your bedtime works and get ready to sleep.

Using the app, you can even manage the required brightness of the smart light gradually over time.

According to Amazon, below are few added features that come along with Alexa and smart lights.

Nature Sounds & Music

While the lights are gradually brightening over time, you can set Alexa to play nature sounds and music also. This function can be activated using the ‘Alexa app.’

You have to select your favorite music or nature sound to start the device to play it for you while waking up.

Multiple Alarm

You can set more than one sleep timers using the app. If you need two or three alarms in a day. One alarm for you, one for your wife, and your kids can be managed using this additional feature.

Wakes Up with FM Radio

If you prefer to wake up using FM radio instead of natural sound and music, this feature helps Alexa to do that for you. You can preset up to 15 FM stations in the device.


Get into the world of artificial intelligence from your home and facilitate yourself with smart technology. Hence, the app does that for you before you get up from your bed.

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