The Funniest Things To Ask Alexa

About Alexa -It is an echo device that uses speech recognition for performing an ever-growing range of tasks on command. Amazon even calls the built-in brains of this device ‘Alexa’. Her real smarts are said to be on the internet in the cloud-computing service which is run by Amazon.

The funniest things to ask Alexa

Best Amazon Alexa devices List of 2019 

  • Philips Hue White LED
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • August smart lock Pro
  • Simplisafe
  • Philips hue white LED
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat best thermostat

New Alexa devices

    • Amazon basics microwave
    • Amazon echo sub
    • Fire TV recast
    • Echo wall clock
    • The Echo Plus (2nd gen)
    • Echo input
    • Echo Amp & link
    • Amazon smart plug
    • Echo Show (2nd gen)

Pros of the Amazon

    • The user will be required to use your hands when making commands on Alexa enabled devices. And this means when working on your laptop or even in the kitchen. Alexa will answer all of your questions. For example – if you in the middle of the kitchen so when you ask Alexa about anything she will answer. Suppose if you are cooking any dish you may ask her the recipe of the dish.

Pros of the Amazon

    • The other thing you can even call to your family and friends (who have echo advocated devices)
    • So before you leave for the weekend lunch one may even ask for the Alexa for checking the best restaurants near your hometown. Alexa will show you ratings which have been provided by the customers to a specific restaurant.
    • With Amazon Echo render that feature Alexa which one might watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, Amazon video content, security cameras, photos and weather forecasts. It even helps in forecasting to do shopping lists, browse and listen to audible audiobooks and much more. Every device has brilliant features which are definitely a good help.

Following some of the best features of the Hot selling echo device which enabling Alexa.

    • Food orders
    • Enterprise & business solutions
    • Different sorts of Alexa skills
    • Creating a list
    • Alarms and reminders
    • Home automation
    • News and weather
    • Songs and music
    • Messages and hands-free calling
    • Latest updates about sports
    • Q and A

Ask Alexa funny questions

You know Alexa is like a friend who is always ready to answer your stupid question even. Ask anything no matter how stupid is your question.

Ask alexa funny questions

    • Are you blue?
    • How much do you weigh?
    • Will you be my girlfriend?
    • Surely you can’t be serious

Final words – there are various examples of such questions.  Alexa has become one of the good sources of information. So no matter what wherever you are and what is time? Alexa will reply to your ad give you all of your answers. The questions can be asked from all the fields and all types. This is one of the best parts of Alexa.

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