Android 11 Coming To Chromebooks

And Will Overhaul Android Apps On Chrome Os

There is a new project in the Chrome repositories. The Android 11 after launch, will be brought to Pixelbook, and Chrome System. The codename used for Android 11 is eve-arc-r. Along with the Pixelbook, many new Chromebooks are going to launch and will contain the new Android 11.

Android 11 Coming To Chromebooks

Chrome Operating system has been successful in allowing Android apps on its OS. The Android Pie was an example of using Android apps on Chrome OS. The preview for Android 11 has begun as well as a new project is in sight indicating Android Runtime for Chrome, Pixelbook and a letter for Android 11 that is ’R’.

Different names

The codename Google will be using for Android 11 seems to be ‘RVC’. ‘Kukui’ is the baseboard for Chrome OS. It is present in Lenovo iPad Duet tablet. The Chromebooks built on the Intel core processer have the basis on the second board, known as ‘Hatch’.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook seems to be having Android 11 in a short period of time. In Android Pie, the Android ran inside a container in Chrome OS. To protect the chrome OS, they will create a separate virtual machine for Android 11.

Bottom Line

These are just assumptions based on Google’s sneaky information. When they were launching Android Pie, similar rumors were ongoing. Currently testing phase is going on, and new updates will come to clear off these assumptions. Thus, at the moment no clear statement is available.

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