Android Pie finally descends for the Sprint LG G7 ThinQ

As Android 10 release draws closer

About Lg

LG is one of the fastest-growing android smartphone companies. It steps in the market in 1958 in Seoul. LG launched the 1st Android smartphone in the year 2009, and the 1st Android tablet in 2011. The company is popular for G series smartphones. G series is their flagship model. It is also famous for its wide range of products including smart TVs.

Android Pie finally descends for the Sprint LG G7 ThinQ

Mobile phones are not just gadgets but they are the basic needs of individuals and the world. Android is the most widely used operating system designed solely for mobile devices. It is a modified version of Linux Kernel. In the fast and ever-changing technology, there’s always a need to keep pace with the rest of the world. Hence, Google is very punctual in releasing its latest version from time to time.

Pie Update

The demand for the latest Android version is increasing at a very high pace. But unfortunately, LG is not satisfying its users at the same pace. This is now becoming a concern for the higher authorities of LG.

LG launches the Sprint model LG G7 ThinQ model in the last months of 2018 with OS Android v8.1 Oreo. And it is getting a Pie update now!! The users of this device were using the same Android 8 Oreo for nearly 2 years now!

Android 10 is going to complete its six months as it officially launches back in September 2019. Many devices from other manufacturing companies have already received an update for Android 10.

LG update policy for OS is not up to the mark and it’s even more irritating to see this much delay in receiving its FIRST UPDATE. Sprint V40 ThinQ and sprint got it’s Pie update six months after another handset. And LG followed the suit this time too, with Sprint G7 ThinQ.

Although, the update has a size of 1400MB and pleases users because of its smoothness and battery efficiency. This is one of the best-selling features for the company. Before the update pushes itself to the phones, they have to modify the update so that it incorporates its own fixes. This occupies the automatic commands which run and fix these bugs.

Lg And Its Competitors In Market

LG proclaims its image as slowest when it comes to updates. It is facing this problem for quite some time. Approximately, five months after the launch of Android 10, LG created its roadmap for updates.

A while ago, LG’s compatriot Samsung was receiving the same delay criticism. But Samsung quickly changed the scenario and got back in the race. It has already released the Android 10 update to over ten smartphone models and has several more lined up for the next few months.

Bottom Line

While LG released the update for only one device so far. Its Android 10 plans are not reliable either. By the time it starts giving updates to its devices, Android 11 would be a few months old. At this pace, LG will find it difficult to compete with others in the market.

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