Android 11 Will Fix Dozens Of Small Annoyances, But What About The Apps?

It’s time to welcome the latest Android R which has been renamed as Android 11 by Google!

Android 11 Will Fix Dozens Of Small Annoyances, But What About The Apps?

With the incoming of Android version, the job of Android developers will become cumbersome. It is a complicated and tedious procedure. However, with the Android developers will try to fix various bugs with Android 11.

It’s time for the app developers to gear up!

While the whole process seems lengthy and cumbersome, one cannot forget the tasks to be done by the app developers. They need to update the applications for some new permission structures like scoped storage and located permissions. Google is bringing in some major changes like the inclusion of a complicated developer-facing operating system.

Google endeavors to make updates

According to the sources, Google is putting tremendous efforts to resolve various issues with Android’s updated version. Android 11 shall be capable of solving the small disturbances with its new and advanced features.

With the help of a few projects by Google, the problem of an operating system has been reduced. The usage has become easier and better. In terms of application quality, Google has always had a tough time. However, with the launch of these updates Google endeavors to tackle the quality issues.

With the incoming Android 11, running applications on Android phones will become easier. As Google strives hard to make our lives easier it is time to experience the smoother running of applications with the new version of Android!

So, let us wait and see how much beneficial Android 11 proves to be.


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