Google, EA Sports, And Adidas Are Working Together On Jacquard-Powered Smart Insoles

Google, Adidas and Electronics Arts worked together to come up with a remarkable product- smart shoes. This uses Google’s Jacquard technology. Two more smart products already use this. These are- the smart Levi’s jacket and the smart backpack. These can trace the movements and you can connect them to smartphones.

Google, EA Sports, And Adidas Are Working Together On Jacquard-Powered Smart shoes

Smart shoes

Such a similar product is smart shoes. The GMR comes with a second-generation tag that can sense the movements more precisely. The real kicks and Soccer movements play in the mobile application! These movements convert to the virtual movements in the game by using machine learning algorithms.

FIFA made interesting!

You can play FIFA games on your smartphones and can win rewards. You can connect the GMR tag to the Adidas GRM application. One confronts exclusive events in FIFA, on connecting to it. You will be then able to confront multiple challenges every week. Challenges can be kicking the ball or walking certain miles.

You can play real-time while being on the leader board in your mobile application. You can compete with international players while being in your game field. But there is something you need to take care of. Charging! Keep your Jacquard tag charged.

This can survive around three full soccer games. So, when you are ready to play, get the tag out of the insole and check the charging. Then connect it with your smartphone, replace it in the insole and enjoy the game!

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