Ban On TikTok Inside The Golden Temple

SGPC warns after dance videos shot at Sikh shrine go viral

TikTok is a household name these days. Every second person makes funny and musical videos on TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese application that enables video-making and sharing with music. It specializes in videos made with lip-syncing, music and dance. In the past few years, TikTok has become very famous in India. Almost everyone loves making videos on TikTok. It is available both on iOS and Android for free.

No TikTok inside Golden Temple

As much as it is popular for its fun, it also garners a lot of criticism. People are indulging in TikTok videos to such an extent that they forget the right place and the right time to make such videos. People say that the TikTok videos are more cringy than funny. There’s nothing wrong with the app, but it’s the users who are not using it appropriately. A similar case happened with the Golden Temple.

Ban on TikTok

A few days ago, three girls put a dance video on TikTok whose shoot was in Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple). Several people had an objection to the video. As a result, SGPC interference in the matter took place. SGPC ( Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) put a ban on TikTok, videos, and selfies inside the Golden Temple. They put up a notice asking people not to make TikTok videos and take selfies in The Golden Temple.

The notice also says that there is a complete prohibition on TikTok in the temple. SGPC Management has also put up volunteers in the Temple to prohibit people from taking selfies and making TikTok videos. They appeal to people to refrain from any such activities in the temple.

Also, the management says that if people do not stop making these videos inside the temple, they will have to ban the usage of mobile phones. The action is very strict and everyone has to follow it willingly or not.

Why SGPC put a ban on TikTok?

SGPC (Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee) says that they want people to come to the temple and worship there instead of making videos. They say that they want people to visit without any kind of hassle. According to them, they are not in favor of such bans, but due to the recent events on TikTok, they have to do it.

The video by the three girls was a music video. A Punjabi song was playing on in the background and they were dancing on it. It went viral, due to which SGPC’s interference took place. The video was from the Darbar Sahib Complex. FIR filing was done against the three girls for hurting religious sentiments. Due to which the girls had to apologize.

At the end

SGPC ban on TikTok was a forceful decision. The management says that they do not want to put such bans but they have no choice. If people continue making such videos and taking photographs, they may ban the complete use of mobile phones inside the Temple.

All kinds of TikTok, Photography, and Videography have got a complete ban with a strict warning.

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