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How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android

A screenshot is a captured image of the currently displayed screen on your mobile phones or laptops. Time and again, Androids have introduced new ways to take screenshots. There are various ways to capture a screen and take a screenshot. You can take screenshots by long-pressing the volume button and the power off button. On some mobile phones, you can also swipe the screen to take a screenshot.

How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android

Scrolling Screenshots are now readily available in Androids. A normal screenshot captures the current screen whereas a scrolling screenshot helps you capture a full page. Scrolling Screenshot lets you capture the whole web page, long conversations or any kind of long pages.

Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android

Earlier, scrolling screenshots were not an in-built feature of Androids. For taking these types of screenshots, it was mandatory to download a third-party application. But nowadays, a lot of Android companies are adding scrolling screenshots as their in-built features.

The mobile handsets of some top Android companies including Samsun, Huawei and LG have the new scrolling screenshot in them. It is in-built and ready to use. There are different methods to take scrolling screenshots in different handsets. Here is a guide for new users.

Capture scrolling screenshots in Samsung

In Samsung, the first scrolling screenshot was present in Note 5 by the name of ‘Capture more’. It is also available in Galaxy S8 and the latest handset Galaxy S10. To take a scrolling type of screenshot in your Samsung mobile handset, you need to enable the smart capture feature in the Advanced settings.

After enabling it, you can go to the screen which you want to take a screenshot of and take its screenshot as usual. Take a normal screenshot and then, tap on the scroll capture option. This option will be available on the bottom of the screen that you are capturing. Keep doing this continuously till you reach the endpoint where you feel that it is complete.

Taking scrolling screenshots in Huawei

Scrolling screenshots are readily available in the Huawei mate series. In Huawei’s handsets, you can capture the screenshot by holding the power off and volume down button at the same time. After some time, you will see a pop-up that lets you know that you have taken the screenshot successfully.

Before the pop-up disappears, tap on the scroll shot option. As you tap on it, your screen will start scrolling until you re-tap on the screen. The scrolling screenshot will then appear on your screen for inspection.

Taking scrolling screenshot on LG Smartphone

To take a scrolling screenshot on LG smartphones, you need to pull the notification bar and select Capture+. Then select the extended option in the corner of the screen. After this, your screen starts scrolling and you can stop it by tapping when you feel that it is complete. To save it, you can tap the tick in the upper left corner.


It is quite easy to capture scrolling screenshots in your Android mobiles. As in Huawei, Samsung and LG smartphone handsets, you can take it in your Android mobiles as well. It is as simple as taking a normal screenshot.

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