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Best Free Code Editors for Android

Now you can code on the go!

Code Editors for Android

If you are a developer, chances are that you might get tied to your desk most of the time. The reason? Well, your code editor is only there on your laptop or desktop. This is why some brilliant minds came up with the idea of bringing code editors for Android so developers can enjoy coding on the go. While some developers do feel that coding on a device as small as a smartphone is uncomfortable, you can’t deny it has got its uses. Let’s take a look at the best free code editors for Android devices. The best part about these apps is that they can be used in all devices ranging from Honor 20 Pro to Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

  1. CppDroid

CppDroid is a powerful IDE (integrated development environment) designed specifically for C and C++ development. It allows the users to code, edit, compile and execute C/C++ programs – all on your Android devices. A nice thing here is that you can use the demos or the practice programs in this app to learn the basic if you are a beginner. The intuitive code editor also features several options aimed at making coding more productive, Syntax highlighting is a very useful feature that highlights the different parts of the program. It also provides configurable themes.

CppDroid For Android
CppDroid For Android

In addition to this, other features by CppDroid includes file and tutorial navigator, code-completion, real-time diagnostics, auto-indentation, and terminal emulation for running the compiled programs. You might also be glad to know that CppDroid comes with full Dropbox support, a popular cloud storage provider. With this, you can now upload and download all your work seamlessly from and to the cloud storage. Besides this, the app also has an add-on manager with auto-update feature for helping you deal with all the add-ons you require for work.

2. Quoda Code Editor

Quoda is a very user-friendly source code editor. This IDE works similar to the ultra-popular Notepad++ or Sublime Text. It is offered with integrated support for SFTP/FTP(S) servers and comes with Dropbox and Google Drive cloud storage options as well. Other features you will find with Quoda include brace matching, auto-indentation, auto-encoding detection, line bookmarking, code-completion, colour picker, HTML formatting, and more.

Did you know that you can even download URL source codes? Quoda is a great option if you want to get away from your laptop or computer, but don’t want to stop coding! This multi-language code editor for Android is completely free and is easy to manage and handle. It can help you code in JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, C#, HTML, XML, CSS, Java, ActionScript, Lisp, Markdown, Haskell, and more. Syntax highlighting is supported by different fonts and themes making it visually engaging and easy to understand and code.

3. DroidEdit Free

DroidEdit is a text and source code editor and works along the same lines as Notepad++. It has been specifically designed for android tablets and phones. Now, you don’t need to stay glued to your desk with your laptop or computer. You can work on the go as well. The app supports Emmet Tools, which helps you by expanding simple expressions into full HTML code. The free version supports ads (obviously!) and is almost the same as the paid version except for some changes. The free version does not offer support for Dropbox, SFTP, custom themes, and root mode.

DroidEdit Free
DroidEdit Free

It has a clean and uncluttered interface making coding a bit more fun. The multi-language support offered by DroidEdit makes it so much easier and user-friendly. Its syntax highlighting system supports over 200 languages, with most of them having built-in themes and an option to create custom colour themes. Yet other features offered by DroidEdit include search and replace, additional keys on your keyboard for faster typing, and editing system files on your rooted device.

4. Dcoder

DCoder is a mobile-based IDE, designed to help you code on your hand-held device. It offers support for languages ranging from basic C and C++ to Ruby. The Rich text editor featuring a fancy syntax highlight and many other tools to make your work comfortable and easy. The best part here is that you can easily debug the code and see the compilation errors and even the results – all on the same page!

It works reasonably well with the native Android keyboard and the app supports over thirty languages. The app is free to use for most of its features, but the paid version is not very expensive either. It is a great option for learners and comes with little to no issues. The GoPro version offers a lot more but may not need everything dedicated developers need.

5. AIDE (Android Interactive Development Environment)

AIDE or Android Interactive Development Environment has one of the best interfaces and use in the market. It offers the users the chance to learn free tutorials with supports offered from Eclipse. Now you can learn as you travel and practice with small programs. The app is pretty intuitive and the reduced compilation steps make it far easier to use than its competitors. The free version has most of the features you are likely to require, but the paid version will take you all out. There would be no adverts in the paid version either. This app is perfect for basic use like learning to code to sophisticated use, such as developing games or apps. You can code on Java, C/C++, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.


6. Codeanywhere

This app makes it to our list of the best code editors for Android as well. Codeanywhere is a fast-working code editor for Android. If you sign up and log into the app as you start to code, you can use it to synchronize settings across all platforms. It also has a sharing option using which you can receive help from friends, make your code accessible to everyone, or simply show-off your progress.

Other features of Codeanywhere includes syntax highlight for over 75 languages, auto-complete support for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PHP, and auto-indentation. In addition to this, it also supports FTP, SFTP or Dropbox; customizable font sizes, most encodings types, and it is compatible to work with desktop PCs. One thing to note here is that this app does not allow users to edit local files residing in your device, and you can only do so for files from remote sources.

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