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Enjoy The New Dark Mode On Whatsapp Rolling Out From Today

Whatsapp has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Whether we want to have any personal conversation or an official discussion, WhatsApp is the go-to option for us! With some very convenient features and easy accessibility, WhatsApp has become the appropriate choice for every person! According to the updates, now the dark mode on Whatsapp is all set to go for users.

Enjoy The New Dark Mode On Whatsapp Rolling Out From Today

The darker version of WhatsApp makes it even better and interesting!

Enjoy the darker and better version

Who doesn’t enjoy change? Whatsapp from Facebook is here to bring a feature that is new, attractive and fantastic. The change of background from the subtle white to the fierce black is just fantastic.

Once you open the Whatsapp, you would be able to find the glowing dark Whatsapp screen before you. The screen shall look extremely attractive with the chats popping out amidst the dark background. The white fonts shall ensure reading clear.

Learn how to change to a dark mode on Whatsapp

If you are willing to change to the Whatsapp darker version know it right here.

Start by updating the Whatsapp application followed by settings. Once you go to settings, click on Theme. Choose dark to switch to the darker version of Whatsapp.

With the rolling out of the darker version, Whatsapp has gained immense popularity. This change ensures a visionary pleasure that is attractive to users. Also, it breaks the mundane nature and display of Whatsapp giving it a boost.

So, start switching to the version and enjoy the dark mode on Whatsapp now because it is new and better. It is time to bid goodbye to the lighter version and enjoy using the darker one!

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