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Does Stadia Support Cross-Platform Play?

The short answer: Yes, it does, but read on for more details.

Before we get into Stadia’s features and whether it supports cross-platform play, let us first talk about Stadia itself. Google recently launched its cloud service that lets users play big-budget games. The key point here is that players will not need any downloads, consoles, gaming PCs, and discs. The reason behind this is that Stadia has been designed in a unique manner. It allows its users to purchase the games they want on servers in the cloud. While it sounds a bit dodgy, it is highly reliable.

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that it will not work as well as a proper gaming PC or console, but it gives you great gaming experience with hardly any hardware investment. With a decent internet connection, a good Wi-Fi router, a nice headphone, and a choice between the Pixel phone, Chromecast Ultra dongle, or the Chrome web browser are all you require to get started. Since Google’s cloud gaming service has only just started, the service is not nearly as effective as one might hope. We hope the new year will bring some great changes.

Google Stadia cross platform
Google Stadia

Google’s video game streaming service launched quite recently. With 2019 coming to an end, the gaming service has 22 games to its credit. With not many games supporting cross-play, players might not find it easy to play games competitively online.

What is cross-platform play?

So, what is cross-platform play? The term refers to the fact that those playing on different devices would be able to play multiplayer games with each other. A good example is when PlayStation 4 users can get down for a match against a player on Nintendo Switch. Most console games today only let players play against those using the same console. With cross-platform play, it will expand a whole new area for the players.

So, does Stadia Support Cross-Platform Play?

Long story short, yes, Stadia does support cross-platform play. However, the main thing to note here is that Google has not mentioned which devices or services will be compatible. It is not yet known if devices like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be supported by Stadia for cross-platform play. However, we can be sure that it will support cross-play between Stadia-capable devices, such as Android Pixel phones, Chromebooks, and Chromecast.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Cross-platform support is not available on every game. For instance, Destiny 2 only offers cross-save. Destiny 2 is considered by many to be Stadia’s flagship game. It is offered with Stadia Pro subscription. Players trying to socialize in the game are struggling to do so due to cross-play issues.

Players hope that sometime in the near future cross-play will become the norm, opening more avenues for the players and allowing for a better gaming experience. It looks like Google is working with developers to make sure that this feature is made available many games as possible. Stadia Games and Entertainment is Google’s new gaming studio. The head of this department, Jade Raymond, mentioned that they would be focusing on executing cross-play in first-party titles.

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