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How To Reach Conqueror In PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is that virtual gaming that boomed the entire world with its fame. You might wonder what made this game so lionized? The weapons? Survival strategies or Maps? No, none of these reasons are enchanting than the courage of racing to reach the “Conqueror” level in the game and get in the top 500 server list on the PUBG platform.

How To Reach Conqueror In PUBG

There are more than 400 million users online who play their hearts out and expressed their love for PUBG. Right after seeing such a good growth pace of PUBG, their creators are coming up with an Android smartphone that’s solely for PUBG, otherwise called “PUBG Mobile”.

The PUBG mobile provides similar gameplay as that in PCs or XBOX PUBG gaming, only differing in controls. The PUBG mobile has many seasonal tiers such as ACE, DIAMOND, SILVER, etc. And the player has to play to get into any of these season tiers to be put in the top 500 players having good rating points.

Reaching the Conqueror stage is challenging and maintaining the 500 list position is even more challenging. One has to upgrade their kill rate and survival time to win all the matches and get into the top 500 list players.

We, want you to reach the “Conqueror” level and hence we here present some tricks and tips you could use to reach Conqueror level easily and become one of the players in the top 500 list in no time.

Steps to reach Conqueror Title in PUBG

Just to let you know that only the Top 500 players in every server, mode, and style can claim the position of Conquerors.

  1. Change your gameplay: Be a killer and grab more points, getting points is easy when you’re in Top 10. Improve your game skills get more kills and Chicken Dinners to reach your final destination i.e becoming a Conqueror.
  2. Change to FPP game mode: For TPP- Choose only Solo or Duo and for FPP- Choose only Solo or Duo. Be a low key while choosing your game mode, most people opt for TPP than FPP. Thus, the possibility of yours getting the Conqueror title becomes high in FPP.
  1. Power up with best rifle guns: Get good control practice on Groza, DP rifle guns and AWM, M24 sniper. Mastering with these guns will lead you to get a good kill ratio.
  2. Pursue the map: Predict the safest zone by looking at the map and get details about loot and vehicle position.
  3. Decide your fire location: Aimless firing will lead you in danger because if you fire other players (duo/solo/squad) might find you and even kill you.
  4. Bang with the best weapons: Get yourself ready with One flash grenade, 1 Molotovs, and 3 Frag Grenades. These explosive weapons will get you more kills and easy Chicken Dinners.
  5. Play safe with Protective gears: Make sure you don’t run out of LVL2 vest and helmet.
  6. Avoid playing Sanhok: Playing Miramar and Erangel will help you level up faster than Sanhok.


Want to get a Conqueror title? Abide our steps and get into the top 500 list on the PUBG Platform.

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