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How To Use Lipsi – The Anonymous Messaging App

Stay safe while dropping a 'Hi' to those around you!

A new messaging app called Lipsi is quickly climbing to the top of the App Store’s charts. Lipsi is an anonymous messaging app available for both iPhones and Android phones that lets you receive and send messages without revealing your identity. You can use it to get anonymous feedback and even compliments by plugging the link on your social media bios.

What makes Lipsi unique is that it’s a location-based messaging app – meaning, anyone withing a 100-yard range can message you anonymously. The app officially launched in late 2017, but recently has started climbing the App Store’s top free apps chart rapidly. At one point, the app was the 16th most popular free app – beating even Pinterest and Twitter! Signing up for and using Lipsi is super easy. In this post, we’ll briefly discuss the features of the app and how you can sign up and use the app.

How To Use Lipsi

It is a location-based anonymous messaging app that enables you to chat with people near you without revealing your identity. In the app’s advertisement, Lipsi is used to compliment someone you see in real life or let them know if they’ve dropped or forgotten an item. Lipsi’s target audience includes people aged between 15 and 25 – primarily those in high school or college. When you first download the Lipsi app, you will need to agree to the app’s terms of use. Obscene, abusive, or sexist content is not allowed on the app, and going against the terms of use will lead to your account being banned.


Lipsi makes the rules clear on several pages in the app – Lipsi does not tolerate offensive behaviour, and it seems that anonymous apps have learned their lesson from popular predecessors like Sarahah and Yik Yak. Both of those apps were reported for cases of bullying and threats. The issue was there was no moderation, and since users were anonymous, there weren’t any repercussions for saying cruel things to other users. The anti-abuse message is echoed when you first sign up for the app, and again before you get started with using the app.

The developers warn the users that if any offensive content is posted on the app from your account, Lipsi will reveal your identity to other users. Post sign-up, there’s not really much else to the app. The main page on Lipsi shows Lipsi users around you. The radius is about 100 yards, and if anyone is using the app within 100 yards, they will pop up on the main page.

To chat with anyone in the 100-yard radius, tap on the pop-up, and a chat box will appear. From here, you can text the person freely.

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