Karakin’s Sticky Bombs might be best weapon ever of PUBG

PUBG is quite a range among the gaming lovers. With some out of the box features and great graphics, PUBG has taken the world of gaming on a roll. However, PUBG remains unstoppable when it comes to launching new features enhancing the gaming experience for the lovers. One amongst them is Karakin’s sticky bombs.

Karakin’s Sticky Bombs might be best weapon ever of PUBG

Know what are Karakin’s sticky bombs here

Karakin is Player’s Unknown Battleground’s brand-new map and the smallest one. Karakin stands out to be the most unique and celebratory feature of PUBG not because of its size. It is popular because it allows you to remain in touch with anything due to the presence of tiny explosives.

A sound similar to the cell ringtone precedes the sound of bombs which is enjoyable and adds to the excitement. This is a unique feature of Karakin’s sticky bombs. Usually, the sound of the explosives was audible when playing PUBG but with this feature, a twist has been introduced.

Karakin’s bombs are not easy to handle

With every passing phase, PUBG has gained a top spot in the gaming field. With such a unique concept and wonderful features, no one dared to at least not to try this game. However, the Karakin’s bombs have elevated the level of this game.

Karakin’s bombs can come from anywhere which means it makes the tackling of such bombs difficult. The sudden incoming of these bombs from here and there might be a threat to the gamer.

It can be one of the most difficult phases and might persuade one from winning. PUBG overall is a very interesting and fun-filled game but with the incoming of Karakin’s bombs, it won’t be that easy to win.

Use Karakin’s sticky bombs to destroy the walls

Karakin’s sticky bombs are useful for destroying the walls. These bombs shall explode to ensure the 0destruction of those walls standing in the way of a win. The fierce explosion by these sticky bombs shall help to combat the hurdles to win.

Just break through those walls to find yourself ruling the fierce battlefield. One can easily win this game with the help of these features. They provide the necessary roadmap guiding you to play well and win the game. It offers great help.

With the introduction of Karakin’s sticky bombs playing PUBG has become challenging as well as convenient. Every PUBG fan and lover would love to use these bombs in every which way to win the battle. The raging game with the introduction of such amazing features will act as a catalyst to frequent playing and fame.

Karakin’s sticky bombs truly have raised the difficulty level and also extended help to the game lovers to win it. With these bombs, one can simply fight the battle with ease and comfort. If you are craving for a massive win, ensure proper utilization of available features. The gamer needs to understand and learn the major tricks to use these bombs and win it big!

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