5 best Pokemon apps (not games) for Android

Pokemon is a series of video games, which has attracted the attention of the kids. It has apparently gained a lot of popularity. Pokemon video games are known to all, but what about the Pokemon apps? They are rare in the minds of the audience. In this article, you will get the rare knowledge of the Pokemon apps and all about them.

5 best Pokemon apps (not games) for Android

List of pokemon apps


This is the only official Pokemon encyclopedia. It shows you all the facts, every guide, and all the articles, imparting useful knowledge about Pokemon. It’s great to get all this in an easily accessible application, called Bulbapedia. It contains 31,000+ articles about everything you can think of about Pokemon, including Pokemon Go.

If you have some issues with your data and Wifi, you don’t need to worry about that. Bulbapedia has got a remarkable feature for its users. You can save the selected articles for viewing them later offline in the ‘Reading list’.

You can randomly discover new articles, which might be created by some yet another fan of Pokemon. This app gives you a feature to open multiple tabs at a time and read the selected articles. This application will automatically save the view history for you.


It is an unofficial app, in comparison to Bulbapedia, which is official. The app provides you with detailed data about every single Pokemon game, ever released. It provides support in multiple languages like English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Hebrew. But the data is available in only Japanese and Chinese languages.

You can search, filter and sort the Pokemon, item or ability by the use of Pokemon multi-button. There is no need for an internet connection as this app can work offline.

Pokemon HOME

This is a cloud-based application, in which you can bring any Pokemon from the Pokemon series to appear at Home. Then you will be able to trade Pokemons with players all over the world, anytime and anywhere. There can be various ways of trading like the Wonder Box and GTS.

To compete with your national Pokedex, bring a lot of Pokemon to the Home. You can also receive mystery gifts. Using this app, you can easily get to know all the abilities and moves that your Pokemon have. This application can be used in devices using Android 6 and above. On other devices, take care that the Home may not work as expected.


If you need some help to sort your Pikachus, this is the right application for you. You can scan your cards with the camera and add these to your collection. This unofficial app is basically the record of your collection of cards. You can do a lot with it. You can sync your progress through a simple sign-in step. One can use the backup feature. You can add cards to the wishlist and can buy them later.

1000+ Poke Wallpapers

These are HD Pokemon wallpapers for mobile and tablet backgrounds. You can search and save your favorite wallpapers and can apply them anytime.

So, above were the few of many Pokemon apps for you. Try them and have fun.

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