PUBG V6.1 Update: Karakin Map – Black Zone, Motor Gliders And Sticky Bombs

With new versions and add-ons rolling out each day, PUBG has been one of the most played video games in 2019 and even now. This online multiplayer battle game keeps the players glued for hours.

PUBG V6.1 Update Karakin Map – Black Zone, Motor Gliders And Sticky Bombs

The newest PUBG upgrade to v6.1 is currently on the test server, and it brings with it a new map called Karakin. PUBG assures the new map comes in with improved activities and is a small area measuring about 2×2 km, which is sure to heighten the competition even more.

The Karakin map is the smallest map on PUBG and guarantees further action in it. The smaller rocky terrain combat zone makes it an even more hectic fight for the players to battle it.

The Karakin map allows only players on the map. It also has a new feature, unlike the other maps, which is the Black Zone. The Black Zone is a massive damage probe area that presses players out from hiding and instead right into the combat zone. Adding to it, there are multiple new attributes introduced in the game, including motor glider lorry.

With rocky terrain, undulating surface, ground tunnels, and in the suburban regions, the Karakin map is one of the most exceptional places for the perfect combat between the extreme players.

The New Map Feature

The most exciting and intriguing part of the Karakin map is the Black Zone or Black Area. In this region, the structures, as well as objects, are frequently bombed. So when the players hear the alarm and are in the purple circle, they need to run to safe regions or for cover. The frameworks that will be flattened by the Black area are marked with ‘X’ on the mini-map.

In this map, the buildings and ruins seem to advance in real-time throughout the time of the match. Another exciting feature in this map is that heavy bullets can potentially infiltrate weak walls. So, hiding and finding cover for oneself can be a task on this map.

Updates Of PUBG V6.1

In this new version 6.1, there are also sticky bombs that are only available on the Karakin map. The use of these bombs is to ruin floors and weak walls to engage in sudden attacks. Moreover, the motor glider lorry is available in three maps, Erangel, Miramar, and Karakin.

PUBG has also introduced a new feature known as the Survivor Pass, which allows team members to bring back other members who have been executed in the combat within a matter of 2 minutes. The alive players need to pick up the survivor pass from the crates of their dead team members and reach the nearest tower to recall them into the mission.

PUBG aims to bring in more and more objectives, week, and season missions and development goals throughout the year.

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