MIUI Tips And Tricks: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi started working on its MIUI software quite sometime before it got down to developing smartphones. In the tenth version as of now, MIUI has come a long way and is considered to be quite enticing. Let’s talk about some of the MIUI tips and tricks that will help you take full use of the phone.

App Drawer

If you have never used a Xiaomi phone before, you could find it a bit odd the first time to turn it on. This is usually because the App Drawer is hidden, as part of the default settings. If you would rather have it, you can easily turn it on. If you have always used Android smartphone, having the app drawer will help you get used to the interface faster. To do so, long-press on the home screen. Select Settings and click on More. Choose ‘With App Drawer’ on the screen.

MIUI App Drawer MIUI tips and tricks
MIUI App Drawer

A fun aspect of using MIUI is the ability to customize your smartphone by using themes. You will not have to let go of the style or use external applications to make use of themes. However, by using it, you can completely change the aesthetics of your device, giving you a respite from your usual interface. In order to change the theme of your Xiaomi smartphone, you will first need to download one. To do this, open Themes app. You will be redirected to the online shop where you can easily search, download, and buy the theme you like. The browsing option is really cool, and you can check out a wide range of themes across various categories.

Once you have done this, it is time to decide whether you would like to apply the theme to all the aspects of your Xiaomi smartphone or to only a certain part of it. For instance, you can choose to use only the fonts or the icons instead of giving your phone a full makeover. This is the best part of MIUI since it allows an unbelievable amount of customization. In fact, it seems as if you can even create your own personal theme! It is one of the best MIUI tips and tricks to know.


Yes, every display has some issue or the other or is simply not the best version of itself. However, with MIUI, you know that the display is designed to keep its users as happy and satisfied as possible. To check out the appearance customization, head to the Settings page and click on Display. This will open up a large number of screen customization, some of them mentioned below.

MIUI Colours and Contrasts
MIUI Colours and Contrasts

Colours and Contrasts is an option that changes the temperature of white and the intensity of colour saturation. With the reading mode, you can reduce the blue light on the display to prevent strain on the eyes. You can also automate it to enable and disable it automatically after sunset or at certain times. The System fonts options will allow you to customize font type and size.

The always-on mode can be activated as well if you want to see the time, date and notification icons even when the display is “off”. This is all the more useful if you have an AMOLED display-based smartphone. Raise to wake is a feature which activates the display as the user lift their phone. This was first implemented by Apple on its iPhone and was received very well. The Dual Touch to Awaken feature will wake your smartphone up with a double touch anywhere on the screen instead of having to use the power button.

Status Bar 

Xiaomi MIUI has certain options that let the users show additional information in the status bar. The bar also changes the colour according to the app on the top. To make changes and customize the status bar, head to the Settings menu and choose the Notifications And Status Bar option. Within that menu, you will note certain options.


One is the Show Connection Speed option where you will easily be able to see the speed of the data connection or the Wi-Fi that you are connected to. Within the Notification Folders, you will be able to group notifications together into separate folders so that you can organize your life better. You will even be able to change the name of your operator. For instance, you can set the name of your First SIM card to Business and the second SIM to Private or anything you wish. Lastly, you can add the battery indicator which will show the remaining battery power either in percentage or in a graph.

Unlock Your Smartphone Easily

Another one from the popular MIUI tips and tricks list is this. Xiaomi’s MIUI has an “Unlock With A Smile” feature, which is a major highlight. In this method, you will be able to unlock your smartphone using facial recognition. It speeds up the process of unlocking and your phone and you no longer have to rely on your fingerprint scanner. In fact, you may notice that this method is way faster than your traditional unlock methods. To set it up, visit the Settings menu and tap on Unlock Screen and Password. Within that, you will see an option called Add Face Data. Click on that and the software will take you through the motions.

Split Screens

Split-screen on MIUI allows the users to maintain multiple profiles or accounts on their phones. The best thing here is that you can switch accounts swiftly without having to wait for anything. You can use two different accounts at the same time! This functional is called Dual App and can be found at the bottom of the Settings menu.

MIUI Split Screens MIUI tips and tricks
MIUI Split Screens

MIUI by Xiaomi is a stickler for privacy. It comes with various features, designed especially for data and app security. Within the App Lock option in the Settings menu, you can select the apps you want to lock up. By doing so, no one except you will be able to open it.

Relax and Chill

MIUI has a special function, specially designed for meditation and relaxation. To enable this, you can visit the app and head to the Timer located under the duration selector. Now, you would be able to select the one that appeals the most to you from a large collection of options. This includes the likes of Summer Night, Rain, Forest, and Beach. Hope this post on MIUI tips and tricks helped!

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