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New Dungeon Crawler Monolisk Available for Pre-Registration, and It Looks Great

Monolisk is finally here as a pre-registration game on the Play Store and we have got some sneak peek into its looks. This is why we are here with this guide. A new dungeon crawler Monolisk is actually described as a fantasy CCG, ARPG and dungeon builder game for Android, all covered in one package. It feels cool though. However, the art design has clearly been the center of attraction here.

New Dungeon Crawler Monolisk

You can get a clear idea by watching the trailer as what you can expect with this game. It is a beautiful dungeon crawler game where you will have to explore some beautiful customized dungeons and collect cards to customize your gameplay. You can also customize further by creating your own cards. Above all, you can find a level editor, which adds a lot of fun to the game for those who would love to share their own creations. With that said Monolisk looks and feels like a new and exciting title coming soon to Android. The official release date of the game might fall next month. Here are some of the key features of this game –

  • Online hack ‘n’ slash RPG to clear lots of dungeons
  • Create your own stories
  • Collect cards with abilities, equipment, environments, and creatures
  • Customize 5 heroes with different play styles
  • Expand your collection and design your own cards
  • Design different levels for your followers and friends
  • Rebuild the shattered world by helping others

However, the problem is that there is only limited information available as Monolisk is the new entry on the Play Store. We do not know how much in-app purchases would cost and whether it would be free to play. When it comes to card collection, it seems that in-app purchases could be affected. Nevertheless, we need to wait until the official release turns out.

About Monolisk

Monolisk is the most awaited dungeon crawler game by Trickster Arts with a cool and new concept. With an appealing and simple visual, Monolisk is known as an Action RPG combined with both Mario Maker and a CCG. Of course, the concept is quite interesting.

About Monolisk App

The Gameplay

When it comes to the trailer, it seems that Monolisk offers a lot more than it is thought to be. It has 5 playable characters to pick and each of them has lots of customization options. Above all, you can create dungeons on your own (better known as ‘Shards’ in the game). You need to collect cards, which represent items, environmental features, and monsters. You can then share your collectibles online for other players or other players can share with you when it comes to complete challenges given by others.

The Gameplay

This game also consists of an innovative social aspect for the players. The concept is to create the most innovative Shards, rather than making it difficult for other players, according to the developer. Due to this reason, a player has the option to rate the Shard whenever they complete one. You will earn a lot of rewards for getting high ratings on your Shards from other players. The more creative and hardworking you are in creating Shards, the better you will get paid off in the long run. If you really enjoy the creations of a specific creator, you can also follow them to stay ahead with their works ASAP.

The game consists of 15 play styles, 300 cards, and 15 sets of environment for the time being. However, there is great potential to expand with them. You may try a closed beta for Monolisk, which is available now for Android if you cannot wait for the official release to get your hands on it. You can pre-register on Google Play or on its official website.

What Makes Monolisk Stand Out?

As discussed, Monolisk is a cool fantasy ARPG mobile game where players have to collect cards with creatures, loot, and environment using one of five heroes and build their own Shards so other players can explore their creations. Players can recreate the world, which has been shattered into pieces and fill the same with their stories.

What Makes Monolisk Stand Out?

One thing which makes this game stand out is that you are not just aimed to keep your visitors from finishing or beating your Shards, but also build some innovative levels for other players to have fun and play. By finishing your Shard, everyone would rate it. More stars mean you would earn more rewards.

You will also be able to build your followers and friends as this game serves as a social platform for all the players. You will be able to play and comment on the creators. For example, you can search for Shards created by your Facebook friends, play the dungeons created by anyone you admire the most, or just pick the level from the database and follow your favorite creators.

Play your friends' Dungeon

It took more than 3 years to develop its in-game editor and to refine the ability/item combos to deliver a great gaming experience. Currently, there are 15 unique play-styles, 300 cards to collect, and 15 sets of environment. Well, it is not going to stop here. There is a whole lot of content we are going to add to the game. The game offers in-app card packs and is free to download.

About Developer

MONOLISK is created by a ‘two-man army’ of developers, Trickster Arts, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Only the audio was made in a different way with a great soundtrack. Their previous title reached over 8 million downloads and was featured by Google, i.e. Hackers. They are expecting Monolisk with even better potential.


All in all, it is clear that New Dungeon Crawler Monolisk looks even more exciting with the way you can equip heroes by collecting cards and its design is a great appeal. However, we need to wait for the official release as the use of IAPs plays a vital role in the overall gameplay. We are hoping for the developers to keep it fair. For the time being, you can pre-register for the title to be the first to try this game.


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