New TWS Earbuds From Xiaomi May Be On The Way

It looks like Xiaomi has released true wireless earbuds that look quite similar to AirPods. However, it looks like a new generation of this product is out for release. The latest TWS Earbuds From Xiaomi looks similar to the existing one. This has got many fans wondering about the reliability of the source claiming their existence. It also casts a shadow on the fact that might not be released. The photo that accompanies the next-gen version seems to be one of the AirDots Pro 2 models, also called the Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth Earphones in some places.

TWS Earbuds From Xiaomi
TWS Earbuds From Xiaomi

TWS earbuds are usually popular. They make life very convenient. There are, at the moment, three TWS Earbuds From Xiaomi in the market. They are the Xiaomi TWS Air 2, Redmi AirDots and Xiaomi AirDots Youth version. While these are not Xiaomi’s flagship products, we nonetheless can help ourselves looking forward to the upcoming rumoured product.

It could also be possible that the platform had used the picture of the older model as a placeholder while waiting to replace it with the real one when the company markets it. If we move ahead on the assumption that these earbuds exist, then they could be called as the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S. The suffix could possibly imply that it could be a budget model. Due to this, there might not be a lot of re-design. Regardless, there has been no official word from Xiaomi itself, either about the launch or its price or any other factor.

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