Pex buys Dubset to build YouTube ContentID for TikTok & more

Pex buys Dubset! Social networks will now need to pay more attention to copyright issues. A new European Union law called Article 17 ensures that copyright holders can protect their content online. Social networks will now require to put in their “best effort” to receive licenses from the copyright holders for all content that is made available on their streaming platform. This is excellent news for artists, film producers, and others in the industry who will now be paid for their services and talents.

Pex buys Dubset
Pex buys Dubset

The influencers and creators are the ones who might face issues here since their clips and remixes might be blocked. This could also lead to the revenue that should ideally belong to them could end up somewhere else. There is no doubt about one thing – this law is certain to bring some delicate issues for content-sharing sites.

Pex buys Dubset

Enter Pex! The owners set up Pex as a profitable royalty attribution startup in 2014. It scans social networks and other user-generated content websites for rightsholders’ content. Once it finds out, it allows them to discuss licensing with the platforms. They could also talk about demanding attribution, requesting a take-down, tracking consumption statistics, and more. It has a huge database consisting of more than 20 billion audio and video tracks across all popular social media websites. In the latest news, Pex has acquired Dubset. The latter is another platform that is working on trying to get the remixes and multi-song DJ sets legalized for streaming services. Together, they will be working on Pex’s new Attribution Engine that will set up a three-sided marketplace for content.

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