The Next Samsung Earbuds Could Be Workout Tracking Fitness Earbuds

Samsung is considering the release of its new earbuds called the “Bean”. The official name of the device is not “Bean” and will release soon. Speculations suggest that these will take the perspective of fitness tracking. These earbuds will have a personal fitness coach function and also help the user follow the training program. The news regarding the earbuds was in a trademark description provided by Samsung.

The Next Samsung Earbuds Could Be Workout Tracking Fitness Earbuds

Story so far

      • So, Samsung recently filed a new trademark description and it indicates that a new device, earbuds, is in work progress.
      • The name of this device is “Bean”. This is a Code Name and the official name will release afterward.
      • The earbuds are targeting fitness and will contain software that will act as a fitness guide.
      • It will provide various features such as heart-rate monitoring, evaluation of the calories burned, distance tracking, speed and time measurements, etc.

What are the expectations?

Speculations suggest that this device is the successor of the Samsung Gear IconX sport earbuds for the year 2020. Additionally to the previous Samsung Galaxy Buds design, the IconX IP67 was dust and water-resistant. It also contained a proper 4 GB storage onboard.

People expect all these features and more in the “Bean”. It can also include an MP3 player as suggested in the trademark description released. Also, Galaxy Buds is said to inspire the design of the new “bean” with additional and improved features such as the longer battery life and a woofer/ tweeter combination.

The IconX short battery life of merely 5 hours left many customers disappointed. But, with an 11-hour battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, tech enthusiasts are optimistic about the “Bean”. People are optimistic that their concern about improved battery life will rectify in the new “Bean”.

Trademark Description

The description released by Samsung indicated that Samsung may come up with a wireless and wearable ear sets containing the MP3 player. A sensor will detect whether the device is on or off. A fitness guide will also be present in the wireless ear sets.

A software or a tracker will measure the distance, steps, calories burned, change of heartbeat levels, distance, speed and time, activity levels, etc. It will also function as the traditional standard earphones.

With all these features as per the description, the new buds’” Bean” will draw the attention of a lot of fitness and gadget freaks. The design and compatibility of the product are up to people’s perceptions as per the available data. So far only the trademark has been released, and the final product is still in anticipation of development.


Ever since the release of the trademark, the tech market enthusiasts are looking forward to the launch of the product. For fitness lovers, this can come out as a very profitable venture and will draw a lot of fitness customers. As of now, we can only speculate the features and look of the coveted earbuds. No other information about the device is available yet. Samsung can launch the device sooner or later.

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