Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review

Check out this review on Aria Waterproof earbuds.

The xFyro Aria is a crowd-funded true wireless earbuds that has gained quite a bit of popularity in the recent weeks. It offers a lot to the users, such as 8-hours battery per charge with the carrying case having 24 hours more in it. It is true that even premium headphones might find it difficult to compete in this class. The Aria waterproof earbuds also come with Bluetooth 5.0, making for a distortion-free experience. Another benefit to this stunning earbuds is that it comes with IP67 rating meaning you can safely play around water. So, just how good is it? Is it all the manufacturer claims and more? Check out this review on Aria Waterproof earbuds.

Comfort and Fit

It is a bit of a tough job to get excellent fit, so much so that manufacturers are still trying to work out the best way for it. However, Aria seems to have fared better than most. The buds are a bit large but manage to fit in the ears comfortably. There is no danger of them falling out, so you can use them as you go for a jog or in the gym. The Aria waterproof headphones are designed to lightweight so you will not feel it heavy. The ear-wings ensure that the buds stay in place, no matter how much you move about.

Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review
Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review

While the fit is excellent, the fit could have been a bit better. The Aria earbuds are comfortable, but there are better ones available at the same price range. Once you figure out the right fit, you can wear them for hours on end without facing fatigue. You will definitely feel them, but it will not be uncomfortable in any way. Both the earbuds have markings on them, allowing you to know which one is for which side. All in all, the Aria waterproof earbuds are a nice option to consider with regards to comfort and fit.

Noise Cancelling and Noise Isolation

This may be a bit disappointing to many. The company mentions that the earbuds have a noise cancellation feature. However, they mean to say that they have noise isolation. The earbuds do have microphone CVC technology, but it is only for the mics and not the earbuds themselves. Passive isolation, which the earbuds do have, is good enough to block out most noises in the surroundings.

While the earbuds don’t have noise cancellation, their passive noise cancellation is not bad either. Noise leaking outside is pretty minimal so you can confidently turn it all up and listen to audios. Do note that in order to get the best noise isolation experience, get the right ear tips. Ones that don’t fit properly could get in the way of your getting the best experience.


The xFyro true wireless buds come with Bluetooth 5.0, the latest tech in the market. It comes with a ton of upgrades and overall, offers better performance than its predecessor. While it offers better connectivity and longer range in addition to extended battery life, it is not something we can call an upgrade. The Bluetooth range has improved from 33ft to supposedly 35ft, which is a step forward, but it does not make a huge difference.

Aria Waterproof Earbuds
Aria Waterproof Earbuds

The earbuds also offer about 30 feet of uninterrupted range without obstacles. If you have a wall, the connection remains pretty consistent and does not get disturbed. However, multiple walls remain an issue for most devices. The product does not support any special Bluetooth codecs. This could be done as an attempt to save money since the company would have to foot the pay for the royalties.

Pairing and Using

Connecting the Aria waterproof buds are quite easy. First, you will have to go through the initial connection establishment process. The instructions are mentioned in the user manual. Once done, you can very easily turn it off and disconnect them by keeping them back in the case. The case acts as the charging port as well and will start charging them once you pop them in at the charging mode. Whenever you want to use the buds, simply take them out and don them. They are designed to pair ad connect automatically. This will happen even if the case is turned off at the moment. It makes for excellent user experience as well. Users have reported that they experience distortion occasionally, it was not a big disturbance.


The xFyro true wireless headphones look and feel like premium earbuds. They have been, no doubt, designed well. The buds are durable and likely to last you a long time. Aria waterproof buds, as the name suggests, has an IP67 rating which is equivalent to IPX7. This means it will survive an underwater adventure. Many users have tried to see if it works as advertised and good news, it does!

xFyro Aria Earbuds
xFyro Aria Earbuds


Naturally, most wireless buds come with built-in controls and the Aria earbuds are no different. However, you cannot tap on them and wait for a response. The button is designed to be clickable. While the user feedback is good, there is one major drawback with the design. Every time you put pressure to click the button, the earbud would be pushed deeper into your ear. This could end up being an uncomfortable and annoying experience. Each of the buds has one button and you would be able to control it for activities like skip/previous, volume up/down, play/pause, accept/reject/end calls, activate Siri or Google Assistant and turn on/off and so on. The LED light on the buds acts as an indicator to know the activity.

Battery and Charging Case

Lastly, let’s take a quick look at the battery and charging case details of the Aria waterproof earbuds. While the manufacturer claims that the product is designed to offer 8 hours playback, it does not offer nearly as much in practice. Users, on an average, can expect to get about half of the promised power.

Regardless of some of the issues, it is an amazing product and well worth a try.

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