Next Nubia Red Magic to have 144Hz screen

The latest tech in gaming is here with Nubia.

Nubia is a gaming brand that is currently working on its latest device. The team is focusing on it quite dedicatedly with the CEO posting a similar message on Weibo. He shared a screenshot which confirmed that the company is working on a smartphone that will support 144Hz max refresh rate, in addition to 90 Hz and 120 Hz. The CEO also referred to the phone as “Red Magic 5G phone”. The name confirms that their next release would be a 5G phone. However, that is not so surprising since many manufacturers are working on similar models to keep up with the trend.

The CEO of Nubia, Ni Fei, disclosed that the new flagship device will feature three cameras on the rear. The phone will run on Snapdragon 865 chipset and the SoC will be paired with a Snapdragon X55 modem. Different sources mention that this Nubia Red Magic phone could possibly come with a different version featuring Qualcomm’s latest chipset. However, this would be paired with a different modem. The idea behind this is that the other variant is aimed at lower price markets and for markets are not 5G-ready yet.

Nubia Red Magic
Nubia Red Magic

Nubia Red Magic

We only recently got a look into the latest and upcoming Nubia Red Magic gaming phone. The phone is will support 5G and come with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. According to an official Weibo post by the CEO, it looks like there are several screen refresh rates, starting from 60Hz to 90Hz, 120Hz, and up to a maximum of 144Hz. While other gaming phones have had higher refresh rates before, it is not so common with commercial phones. The 2018 Razer Phone 2, a gaming model, boasted a 120Hz refresh rate. On the commercial side, Google Pixel 4 featured a 90Hz screen refresh rate.

In 2019 H2, we saw flagship devices featuring 90Hz displays. However, these did not stay popular for long since ASUS then released its ROG Phone II with a 120Hz OLED panel. Nubia is here to shatter all this with its 144Hz screen. The company is currently testing out the same. The best part about this is the fact that it is expected to be priced very affordably. The very fact that the best gaming phone in the market with top features is selling for a very reasonable rate is enough to attract anyone, gamer or not.

Nubia Red Magic 5G
Nubia Red Magic 5G

144Hz Screen Refresh Rate

Recently, OnePlus talked about introducing 120Hz screens in its future devices. This announcement was again made on Weibo. Strangely, it was made the very same day Nubia mentioned that its Red Magic phone will feature 144Hz. This essentially means that the display will refresh 144 times per second. It is not very much and in fact, is counted to be typical for gamer-focused desktop computer displays. However, it cannot be detected by humans on small screens like this. Since response time is a major factor in gaming, Nubia is likely to attract a lot of gamers. Of course, the addition of 5G is just icing in the cake.

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