V60 ThinQ Dual-Screen Flagship Phone Could Launch At MWC 2020

LG's next attempt at a dual-screen smartphone is finally here.

Many are waiting with bated breath for the MWC 2020. LG is expected to release another dual-screen smartphone at the event. This piece of news emerged from the Korea Herald. The report says that LG is working to launch the V60 ThinQ at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The Korea Herald’s report suggests that the LG V60 ThinQ Dual-Screen will be a 5G-enabled smartphone. The device is likely to feature a secondary display, similar to LG G8X ThinQ that was released last year. However, the major difference here would be that the hinge mechanism that attaches the screens will have undergone a complete redesign. Naturally, it would be far ahead of its predecessor, V50 ThinQ

V60 ThinQ Dual-Screen
V60 ThinQ Dual-Screen

The hinge on the LG G8X ThinQ is designed to move 180-degrees. This means that the second screen can wrap up all the way. However, the two displays are separated by an inch or less. Due to this unfortunate gap, users cannot enjoy a flawless viewing experience. The reason behind the redesign could that the company wants to fix this issue. However, as long as there is a hinge, chances are that visual interruption will be a problem. Maybe working with software could put an end to this? We have no concrete idea of what LG is working on, but we do know that the V60 ThinQ will feature a revamped hinge design.

A Foldable Phone Or A Dual-Screen Phone?

Where Huawei Mate X, Galaxy Fold, and Moto Razr smartphones are all foldable models, LG is still trying to make the dual-screen hinge-design model work. While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold did not really receive any great feedbacks, it was quite better than its G8X ThinQ. Besides all this, LG has filed some patents. From a look at that, it looks like the company is working on a couple of models – one with a fold-out display and one with a rollable screen.

LG Display has also made quite stir with supplying foldable OLEDs for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. From all this, it is apparent that LG believes in the foldable design model. Maybe the company is of the opinion that testing out its second-screen concept for a little while more will make it a better device. Although not a lot of details is known about the upcoming LG V60 ThinQ, we do know that it will feature at the MWC 2020.

LG G8X ThinQ
LG G8X ThinQ

Instead of investing heavily in foldable phones, LG has chosen to focus on Dual Screen accessory. Where Samsung and Motorola are working on foldable devices, LG has something completely different in mind. The company does not seem to be changing its focus anytime soon either. The V60 ThinQ Dual-Screen is expected to be launched by LG at the MWC 2020 that is scheduled in late February. This flagship device will be released along with a newer Dual Screen accessory. The new accessory is what will feature the redesigned hinge mechanism. We are not sure if the separation will be completely gotten rid of or whether it will merely be reduced. LG hopes that with the release of V60 ThinQ, sales will increase.

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