November security patches rolling out

For Google Pixel, factory images & OTAs live

In November 2019, the monthly security patches for Google’s Pixels are rolled out including the Pixel 4 XL and 4. This major monthly update will include both mobile phones with a few fixes. When compared with earlier features, Google’s Pixel 4 XL & 4 will get some Smooth Display improvements and also camera tweaks. They also published some biggest security bulletin for November month and posted the same under Google’s website for full OTA downloads and factory images.

November security patches rolling out

Full Functional security patches with the change-log for Google’s Pixel mobile phones are as follows:

    • Camera Quality and Smooth Display improvement for Pixel 4 XL & 4.
    • Controller mapping for Xbox BT with additional support for entire Google Pixel models (from Pixel 4 XL until Pixel 2).
    • Some models stuck while booting and additional fixes offered from Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3 XL, & Pixel 3.
    • The audio quality for bottom speaker improvements for the Pixel 3 model.
    • Google Assistant Hotword improvements for Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2L, & Pixel 2.

Security Patches for OTA Files

Pixel devices include the factory images and OTA files for assistance. You can download the Android security files to your respective devices that can be downloaded from Google’s website.

Within this process, your mobile device can boost up to Android version 10. Users can follow the below-provided instructions to flash their mobile phones without any data loss manually. The Android security update with OTA files for your essential mobile phones is already started to roll out.

Sideloading OTA for Android 10

OTA File Download – It is important to download the OTA file beta version from the full OTA Google’s Image hosting website. It includes various updates for the Nexus device, Google Pixel devices, and also Android 10.

Sideloading OTA for Android 10

Boot your device in Recovery Mode – You need to boot your Google’s Pixel device in Recovery mode. Make use of the Bootloader page by press & hold the Volume down & power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. With the help of volume buttons, you can scroll up & down to choose the Recovery mode. After selecting, press the Power button. Volume Up button control the Recovery mode.

ADB Sideloading Navigation – You can apply the required ADB update with the help of the Volume button and use the Power button to select.

Installation of ADB Tools: Connecting your mobile phone to a PC – You should have Fastboot & ADB tools to transfer the OTA files to your mobile phone from the PC. Also, you can download ADB the tools Within the Android official Developers site.

Inputting Sideload Command – Once the OTA file is ready for Sideloading, you can utilize the Command Prompt application on your Windows PC. Access the command prompt and input the keyword ADB and press the enter key.

If you are using Linux or Mac OS then input as ./adb sideload and hit the enter key. Now, choose the appropriate.Zip file to use the ADB file to start the process. After a successful setup, you can view the Installation and as well as the Sideloading process dialog box.

Restart your mobile phone – After installing the OTA file, you can return to the Recovery mode. Also, the new update can be applied on your mobile phone by restarting it by using the Power button.

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