Oppo Find X2 Series Announced: A Proper Galaxy S20 Rival?

With the ever-increasing competition in the market, brands such as Samsung and Oppo are fighting it really hard. Both the giant brands are in a race of launching new and better versions of various brand lines giving rise to immense competition. The new and better versions launched by both the brands ensure the maintenance of competitive spirit in the market.

Oppo Find X2 Series Announced: A Proper Galaxy S20 Rival?

Many new features have come to the fore with the launch of this wonderful X2 series by Oppo. However, the matter in question is – Is it emerging as a competitor of Samsung Galaxy S20? Let’s see.

Galaxy S20 versus Oppo X2 series – have a look

The Oppo X2 series comprises of Oppo X2 and X2 pro which consist of Snapdragon 865, much like the Galaxy S20. Both the phones share amazing Ultra Vision Engine keeping the race neck to neck. The display covers a maximum of display space of Oppo X2. The audio is clear and the responsiveness to switching and volume buttons are pretty quick.

The great responsiveness of the Oppo X2 series makes it perfect for mobile gamers. The mobile gamers would love playing heavy games on this series. Continuous playing of games or usage does not hamper the functioning of this Oppo series. Galaxy S20 with its clarity and good responsiveness makes a fair choice for ardent mobile gamers.

Explore the camera features 

Oppo X2 series has brought in a very innovative feature to ensure an interesting and fantastic selfie experience. The fantastic punch-hole feature with a hundred percent uninterrupted display makes it the perfect choice for a selfie lover.

This feature is one of the primary reasons for the gaining popularity of the Oppo X2 series. Oppo decided to ditch the famous pop-up selfie for a punch-hole to enhance the quality of its camera.

However, the Galaxy S20 offers a massive raw 108 megapixels which makes clicking pictures a pleasure. The Oppo series does not offer such a massive camera experience but definitely ranks among the top choices. The dark mode of Oppo x2 series along with the 10 x zoom makes it a fantastic choice for the camera lovers.

Taking too long to charge your phone? Use Oppo X2 series

Get hold of Oppo X2 phones now, if, you have to wait too long to charge your phones! You just need to leave your phone on charge for 40 minutes and restart using your Oppo X2 phones like never before. This massive charging capacity of Oppo phones is one of the key strengths of their phone. Samsung Galaxy S20 does not have such a strong charging capacity.

The great feature of this phone helps the users to explore every feature and ensures optimum usage. It helps the user to use the phone for various purposes for a prolonged period of time without any hindrance.

So, if you are looking for a mobile to offer looks, fantastic features and a mind-blogging gaming experience Oppo X2 series is the choice. It is fighting really hard to give tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S2 with great storage, camera, and display.

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