OPPO VP confirms that Find X2 will feature QHD+ Display and Sony 2×2 on-chip lens solution

Last year during the OPPO innovation day, we learned that OPPO will bring expand its flagship series FIND soon. They announced that they’ll launch OPPO Find X2 in Q1 2020. Recently, there are many developments happening about the information on Find X2.

OPPO VP confirms that Find X2 will feature QHD+ Display and Sony 2x2 on-chip lens solution

Find X2 Regular vs. Find X2 Pro

A few days ago, Thailand’s NBTC (Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) has passed the model. This news of certification hinted that OPPO Find X2 will have 2 models – Find X2 regular and Find X2 Pro. Certificates of both versions are available on the NBTC website. However, there is no clarity about the difference between the 2 versions.  We can expect both the models to launch this year.

Features of Find X2

However, well-known leaking agency Ice Universe has revealed information about the features of Find X2. Some users on Weibo share a few live images and screenshots helping us learn about different features of X2 Phone. Thus, it also led everyone to see the first design of the phone. Let us have a sneak peek at the details:

    • Resolution: 2K
    • Refresh rate: 120 Hz
    • Sampling: 240 Hz
    • SDR to HDR conversion
    • Brightness: Up to 1200 nits
    • Colour gamut: DCI-P3

OPPO VP Brian Shen revealed these features on Twitter o Feb 9, 2020. We already know that the processor will be Snapdragon 845c with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity.

Display features

As per the leaked pictures, Find X2 will have a +QHD display. Also, the screen will have a curved hole at the left corner with a bezel. There will be 2 refresh rates – 60 Hz and 120 Hz, users can use it as per their need. Moreover, it will feature a dedicated display chip and a 240 Hz touch sampling rate.

Find X2 display

The phone features different unique display settings according to leaked pictures by a Weibo user. Pictures reveal that users will have an option to set screen resolutions manually. Additionally, users can select HD+ or QHD+ resolution based on their need and use. This suggests that the phone may feature Pixelwork’s visual processor.

Other features

The flagship phone will have Sony’s latest 2×2 On-chip lens solution. It is a new technology “All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF”. The device will support fast charging of 65W. It will be capable to charge the device in 35 minutes from 0 to 100 percent. However, this is not a new feature. It was present in the Lamborghini model of the flagship series in the first place.

Furthermore, Find X2 will contain Snapdragon 865 which supports only Snapdragon X55 modem, it will not have mmWare Antennas. The phone will support only 6GHz frequency for 5G connectivity.

Price and Release date

OPPO or other sources have not yet revealed any information about the price, so far. However, we can expect to see the launch of X2 Phone on Feb 23, at MWC 2020 Press conference. But this may face a delay due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak causing a lockdown of many factories and plants.

Let us see when the phone will be launched in the market.

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