Michael Kors Access MKGO Review

Michael Kors is one of the biggest names in the fashion world at present, and they have made some of the most elegant smartwatches through Fossil for quite some time. All these watches have unusual features and have been preferred and praised by a lot of people. The most promising feature of this brand is always the uniqueness in its styling when it comes to smartwatches.

Michael Kors Access MKGO Review

With the success of its previous ventures like the Michael Kors Access Sofie and Michael Kors Access Suite, the brand decided to try their hands on something different time. We must say that they have managed to catch the attention of many people.

Fashion has affected every sector in today’s age, and sports have also now come in this stride. Fashion giant Michael Kors has always managed to deliver a very enthralling product that has led to catch the attention of a large group of fashion enthusiasts.

Michael Kors Access MKGO is the company’s first attempt at a sport-oriented smartwatch for the athletes and the gym-goers. The company has managed to create a buzz with its experiment.

The watch is curated keeping in perspective all the requirements of sports’ people in addition to a stylish and fashion-forward look. There are a few deficiencies in the hardware, but other than that the watch has delivered an excellent performance. For the joggers and the runners looking for a lightweight watch which is also good looking- Michael Kors Access MKGO fulfills all the parameters.

Here is an analysis of its various aspects such as the build, performance and the look of the watch.


The watch was created, keeping in mind the requirements of people who are into sports and gym. The overall design is very Michael Kors and appealing to a separate customer base. You will get four color options in this range.

The casing is approximate 43mm having a thickness of 7mm and a width of 20mm. The casing is of nylon, and the top ring is of aluminum. Because of this the watch is very light in weight and gives an over-all sporty look with a sleek design. On the bottom part of the nylon casing, there is the Michael Kors logo with a raised heart-rate monitor.

The straps are of silicon, and so they are easier to clean. For people who indulge in a lot of exercises, these silicone straps can be handy and easy to clean. The straps are changeable with the help of a pin. Overall the design of the watch is very much representative of the brand compared to the previous ventures of MK.


With a customizable display, this watch comes with a 1.19-inch AMOLED display and 390*390 resolution (328ppi). The resolution is excellent, and the display performance is also great. The colors on display are vibrant and bright with suitable brightness.

Michael Kors Access MKGO Display

Through the MKGO access app, you can change the dial color and also set the watch to an automatic setting to adjust faces and brightness according to the particular time of the day. The main screen or the home screen is not so impressive as the presence of the color on it tends to reduce the readability. All the functions are although easily accessible and are also easy to use.

Features and Fitness

The smart features in a Michael Kors Access MKGO are the same as any other smartwatch from the Fossil range. It has a waterproofing of 30m or 3Atm pressure. It has a built-in heart rate monitor and also a GPS tracking device. The lightweight design of the watch is very suitable for various sports fitness activities.

You can use several features for tracking your hiking, jogging, running and also know about the calories burnt in the process. All these characteristics make it a fantastic option as a fitness tracking device that too in the form of a watch.

Other features

The battery life, hardware and performance parameters of this watch are also top-notch. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor. It also has a consequential 4GB storage and a dynamic 512MB RAM. The battery is of 350mAH, making it a major hit in its performance aspects.

It has the most advanced integrated circuit in comparison to its previous launches and models. The performance is lag-free. The battery can charge rapidly with 80 percent of charge in just about an hour. The watch is compatible with Android as well as the iOS platform. It has a microphone but no speaker. It also has Google Pay to make secure payments.


The Michael Kors Access MKGO is on sale and is available for purchase on the official website of Michael Kors at 279 pounds. It is available in four color variants and can you can buy it in black or white for the same price.

Our Take

The brand has established a decent first attempt in the fitness genre. The design of the watch is very bold and stylish. The silicon straps may look very cheap, but from the fitness perspective, they offer several advantages.

The light-weightiness, water-resistant design, heart-rate monitor and GPS, etc. are some fantastic features that we are in love with. But the performance is not up to the mark as compared to the other brands. The battery is underwhelming, and the RAM is lackluster in comparison to the high-rated apple watches.

The silicone strap is also a bit uncomfortable. It does not get dirty and damaged due to the heat and sweat but a full day wear without any discomfort is hard to achieve in this. The convenience of Google pay is fantastic to have in your watch, and this is another feature that satisfies us.

Ultimately if you are all about the brand and the sporty feature is your preference then you should go for this. The unique attempt by the company to deliver style in sports has achieved its goal. If the performance parameters are not that important for you, you can go for it.

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