Oppo’s Sub-Brand Realme Is A Surprising Hit In India

RealMe is a Chinese smartphone brand which came into the existence just one and a half year ago. Although, the Oppo’s sub-brand is already experiencing big success in India. Its shipments are growing more than 400 percent in comparison to the same period last year.

Oppo's Sub-Brand Realme Is A Surprising Hit In India

Xiaomi Vs RealMe: The Brands Are Fighting For Market Dominance in India

Xiaomi’s strategy is aggressive with respect to the prices and the product launches it has made in India. It is the No.1 smartphone brand of India. But, in the last two years, it has faced some tough competition from Oppo’s sub-brand RealMe.

The success story of RealMe in India inspires everyone. It entered the Indian market when Xiaomi was the master in the Indian smartphone industry. At that time, it was not easy for any other Chinese brand to enter the market because already a Chinese brand is been making a strong presence in the hearts of consumers of India.

But, RealMe fought and chased Xiaomi hard in the market. Now, RealMe has been ruling for a long time, and from nothing in 2018, it has grown its market share in 2019.

RealMe is chasing Xiaomi’s dominance in India

RealMe has now risen to become the fourth biggest smartphone brand in India in the third quarter of 2019, according to IDC. It gained popularity for similar reasons that of Xiaomi, which has been selling its phones in the country since 2015. Xiaomi is also growing rapidly in India by offering a good price-to-quality ratio on its Smartphones.

The Chinese smartphone is dominating India’s smartphone market

Xiaomi shipped more phones than it ever has before in the first quarter with 12.6 million units. Vivo and Oppo are third and fifth respectively in the competition. This means Vivo and Oppo’s parent company BBK Electronics owns three of India’s top five brands. Samsung is the only vendor among the top five companies to record a fall this quarter, but it’s still India’s second-largest smartphone brand though.

Some months ago, RealMe ranked third overall in sales during the Diwali holiday season in India by the Counterpoint Research. This means that the company is surpassing huge players like OnePlus, LG and others with its hit in the smartphone market.

The future of RealMe

Although Counterpoint Research’s figures indicate that RealMe had no offline sales practically during the period. The brand is fortunately revealed its plan to deliver offline sales in 150 cities of India by 2020.

Previously, RealMe also declared its aim to expand to other countries in Asia, along with Africa and the Middle East. If the brand can preserve its momentum and also offer offline sales, they can achieve even more impressive figures in 2020 for sure.

Bottom Lines

There will be a time that RealMe will take over all other brands in no time as it is adapting the market changes very quickly. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is working really hard to not allowing RealMe to take over its market at any cost.

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