Samsung Galaxy S10+: A Masterpiece on the desk

Korean tech giant Samsung has sealed a decade embark on the launch of its Galaxy ‘S’ flagship series in 2019. To celebrate this, Samsung has launched the ‘Samsung Galaxy S10+’ flagship model. It is the latest smartphone in the series. Some sounds in the market claim it to be a master class and one of its kind. It has received a massive load of accolades from consumers as well as reviewers.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ A Masterpiece on the desk

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a feature-packed bundle with a master quality build. It is superior and not in the same breath as its predecessors. Performance, build quality, camera, display, all are excellent and par expectations.

Compared to its predecessors, Samsung has improvised the display and brilliant front camera positioning, long battery standby time, and a stunning new fingerprint sensor. It is available for sale online. It comes with a ram of 12 GB and a disk space of 1 TB.

Let us get into detailed features of the celebration boy, a masterpiece now.


The phone has a 6.4-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display. Undoubtedly, the viewing angle is wide with an excellent brightness level, enough not to struggle in the sunlight. Although S10 had a decent display with sufficient yellowness, yet Samsung has performed some fine-tuning of whites and colors.

Few users may be at loggerheads here because it comes with only two display modes – Vivid and Natural. Just a tip for people who draw or doodle frequently – palm rejection technology isn’t entirely in the good books of S10+.

A new feature is an on-screen fingerprint sensor. It has no physical boundaries, so you may have to learn a bit to hit the right spot. It does take a few seconds to come up. Also, there is no Iris sensor, so, it’s just physical fingerprint and facial recognition device.


It is an extremely well-designed model with glass-metal combo fitting in a 6.4-inch display, making it a perfect luxury blend. It is pretty much similar in design with its antecedents S10e and S10s.

There are two new features clubbed in the new piece. We’ve already talked about the fingerprint sensor. The front camera has got a private cut-off space, unlike S10, in which it covered the bar, reducing overall display height. With the cut-off display, height is increased up to all edges.

Somehow, a few users may feel it blemish, but we’re sure you’ll get used to it. It’s salty to eyes initially, but you’ll mostly forget it once a movie takes your mind away from it.

S10+ doesn’t do justice with your pocket size, as it’s too big to fit in most. Although, decent finish and elegant curved edges are soothing. It is handy and doesn’t slip. Thanks to its curvy edges at both sides.

The overall design is classy, handy, and royal, with very fewer bezels around the cameras.

Performance & Software

Here as well, S10+ is unparalleled. S10+ has an Exynos 9820 processor with an 8 GB of RAM. It makes the phone a highly optimized one. No need for closure of background apps.

8 GB RAM has brought laurels to the performance of the phone. You’ll be the happiest if you’re a gamer. Even if you open two high-end games alongside a few Social Medias, S10+ won’t let a wrinkle come over your head.

S10+ is smoother than its predecessors. Also, due to the 4,100 mAh battery, it attracts you to use it over and over again. The phone tends to get hot but very minutely, which won’t bother you.

It features Android Pie and One UI 1.1. Digital well-being and Bixby routine are new features of One UI 1.1. You can set methods for app/features opening and closing.

Camera Quality  

Excellent! One word sums up everything. Both rear and front cameras have par performance. It has 10 MP + 8 MP dual front cameras with minute bezels. You can use live focus with the front camera and play with many decorative features. You can consider it as a benchmark for future front cameras. Although, you may have to struggle a bit with its low-light performance.

The phone has a triple rear camera of 12 MP primary, 16 MP & 12 MP secondary lenses. Samsung has added a lot of new features to the rear camera. To name a few – best shot, scene optimizer, HDR 10+ video recording with manual brightness setting, live bokeh, zoom bokeh, etc.

However, the show’s topper is the 16 MP ultra-wide sensor. You can click ultra-wide pictures even after standing at a shorter distance. It offers you extremely superior quality without any noise. Overall, there will not be any daytime photography disappointment for you. However, night photography is more dependent on the camera’s self-judgment.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a 4,100 mAh battery, which is long enough for you not to charge it more than once a day (provided you’re a busy person out of mobiles). It doesn’t heat much to make you feel anything about it.

But S10+ isn’t as good as its predecessor, S9. In terms of battery, S10+ is a little disappointing for users.

Battery performance may get better with usage due to its”24hr intelligent battery” feature. A blend of 4100 mAh with Exynos, isn’t a very impressive move by Samsung.

While market trend and benchmarking data still crown the Snapdragon processor to recommend battery performance. With 10 watts + power output, fast wireless charging is undoubtedly a clap for S10+. So far, the only attractive feature of battery.


It is a high-end and note consuming model, with a price range of $480 – $520. Price differs in different regions worldwide. It was released in mid-2019. It does have some fantastic features that fully justifies it as Samsung’s best flagship model. There are few hiccups compared to its rival Pixel and iPhone 11. With all the anniversary wishes, Samsung has put all the best features on the phone to let all users celebrate this victorious milestone.

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