Blackberry Goes Incognito Again After TCL Terminates The Contract

The fate of Blackberry is still unknown after its official account tweeted the news, declaring that TCL will no longer have legal rights to design, develop, or even sell the BB mobile phones. These instances have dragged the brand into a dormant state, leaving its future unpredictable. It is the second time when it is going into limbo. TCL had previously taken over the dormant brand late in 2016, and this brought some hope. TCL did an excellent job and brought some light into the brand’s future. They came up with some fantastic devices, and everything seemed to be working out correctly until they announced that they would no longer make blackberry devices.

If you have been keen on the series, you will realize that Blackberry Key 2 LE will, therefore, be the last version to be designed, manufactured, and sold by TCL. The other brand versions that Blackberry produced include Blackberry Key One and Blackberry Key 2The BB phones produced by TCL carried over the best features that brand’s lovers liked the most from the previous versions. To be precise, the physical keyboard, the durable battery, and some other security aspects made this brand version standout amongst the earlier versions.


Why Has TCL Stopped Making Blackberry Phones?

The agreement signed did not specify any specific duration within which TCL would produce BlackBerry phones. It was a long-term contract. The official announcement of the deal was made back in 2016, and it is now four years down the line. No one has a robust source of why TCL decided to terminate the agreement.

The contract lifetime could have expired, or it could be due to poor market performance. Or it could be as a result of TCL’s plans to end the contract for reasons best known to them. Most likely, they may have made plans to uphold the world’s current domination in smartphones. It is essential to know that none of the above reasons is confirmed.

What Is The Future Of Blackberry?

The fact that TCL stopped making the phones doesn’t mean that it is the end of it. Who knows, another company might pick it up in the long run and still make more phones. The name is still recognizable and could earn a company quite a lot if firm strategies are effective. But even at that, we always have a clear sight of where Blackberry is going!

Meanwhile, Blackberry is still operating, but this as a software company. The CEO, John Chen, had cancelled all its smartphone operations since he took over the company back in 2013, and that’s how TCL got their hand on the Global Blackberry License. Even though TCL does not make BB phones anymore, they have, however, promised to offer Customer Service and warranty support to every single functional phone out there till the end of August in 2022.


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