Galaxy S11+ Will Include A Periscope Camera

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Ice Universe is one of the more popular tipsters out there. He recently shared details about the Samsung Galaxy S11+’s rear camera setup. The render the shared displays the S11+’s rear-facing cameras, including the periscope one. The latest smartphone by Samsung has been seen in CAD-based renders recently. According to Ice Universe, these renders are not quite accurate. However, he has promised to update with more information.

Several leaks have given us some insight into how the upcoming Samsung smartphone might look. While it was initially believed that the phone’s rear camera setup might look like domino tiles, recent reports tell us that it would not be so. Some other reports suggest that Samsung might add a sensor for improving low light photography on the phone. The Galaxy S11+ will run on Snapdragon 865 chipset and its Exynos 9830 processor.

Galaxy S11+ Camera
Galaxy S11+ Camera

S11+ Camera Details

What was not accurate was the camera alignment at the rear. Although they are shown to be aligned in the render, they are actually all over the place. The Galaxy S11+ will come with a periscope camera which can be seen quite clearly in the shared pictures. The phone is likely t come with a main, ultra-wide-angle, and periscope cameras. The S11+ periscope camera’s module will be square-shaped instead of circular, making it more noticeable. Since the main camera is the largest sensor, it is located in the middle.

All the three cameras are neatly aligned towards the left in the image. However, it will not be so. Apparently, some cameras are missing on the right side of the module. The Time-of-Flight or ToF sensor will also be present at the back, which is currently missing. Besides this, an LED flash will be seen alongside the camera module as well. 

Despite all the information we have managed to gather regarding the S11+’s camera, we are still lacking some crucial details. It looks as if the phone will feature five cameras, but we don’t know what the last one would be. New details are expected to release soon. While the render shows a different alignment, the rear-facing camera will be properly aligned. Check out its battery details here. 

Samsung Galaxy S11+
Samsung Galaxy S11+

Release of S11+

The camera module will be placed on the top left side of the phone. While it will protrude a bit, it will not wobble too much. The phone’s backside is also expected to be curved. The S11+ will be made using metal and glass. The physical buttons are placed on the right. While the phone will have volume control buttons, power, and lock button, it will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. The smartphone will have a curved display with extremely thin bezels. With regards to the front camera, it is likely to be located at the centre.

The Samsung S11+ device will be launched along with the Galaxy S11 and S11e models. In fact, the Galaxy Fold 2 could be released at the same time as well. According to rumours, the smartphone could be launched on February 18, 2018.

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